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Do you own/operate a water damage restoration company, janitorial service or construction firm? Are you looking for ways to save money on air movers, fans, dehumidifiers or carpet drying equipment without sacrificing quality or performance?

If you are still paying retail for your equipment, then you are spending a lot more money than necessary. Fortunately, Aer Industries can provide a more cost-effective alternative. We offer a wide selection of wholesale water damage restoration equipment that will help you stretch your equipment budget and save you plenty of money. You will find a huge assortment of wholesale commercial grade dehumidifiers, blowers, fans and other essential equipment featuring leading brands including BlueDri, Soleaire and B-Air.

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Wholesale Air Movers, Dehumidifiers & Dryers for Water Damage Restoration

Wholesale Commercial Air Movers

Our selection of wholesale commercial blowers includes:

  • B-Air VP-33 – 18, 36 & 45 pk: The VP-33 is the smallest air mover in its class, but it is equipped with a powerful 1/3 hp motor that produces a powerful rate of airflow.
  • B-Air PB-25 – 14 & 28 pk: The Polar Bear (PB-25) is a portable 1/4 hp air mover that delivers a robust rate of airflow while drawing only 2.8 amps on its highest setting.
  • BlueDri One-29 – 6, 12, 30, 60 & 90 pk: The One-29 air mover offers the ideal combination of lighter weight, power and flexible 3-speed operation, along with roto-molded housing for exceptional durability.
  • Solaire Max Storm – 6 & 30 pk: The revolutionary Max Storm is designed and constructed for use in heavy-duty drying environments, making it among the very best wholesale janitorial air movers on the market.
  • Solaire Super Monsoon – 4 pk: The super-powerful Super Monsoon is equipped with a mighty 1-hp motor that can produce a powerful airflow, while drawing only 10 amps.

Wholesale Dehumidifiers

Our impressive lineup of wholesale commercial dehumidifiers includes:

  • BlueDri BD-130P – 8 pk: This high-performance industrial dehumidifier can absorb up to 225 pints of moisture from the atmosphere per day, while also offering the important benefit of portability.
  • BlueDri BD-LGR75C – 8 pk: This BluDri dehumidifier is a compact, portable machine that is widely regarded as the most efficient model on the market.

Great Savings and So Much More

When you purchase wholesale air movers and dehumidifiers from Aer Industries, you get much more than a great product at a fantastic price. You also get access to our product experts who can provide useful information that will help you make a wise buying decision for your company. We also provide complete in-house technical support for every product we sell. And with free same-day shipping to anywhere within the contiguous 48 United States, you won’t have to bear the financial burden of exorbitant shipping costs.

Take a Look at Our Current Selection of Wholesale Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Please take a few minutes to browse our current inventory of wholesale commercial blowers, dehumidifiers and other water damage restoration equipment. And feel free to give our product experts a call at 855.345.3555 for additional assistance.