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12 Pro Tips for Commercial Greenhouse Management

12 Pro Tips for Commercial Greenhouse Management February 1, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

Commercial greenhouses constitute a massive worldwide industry. Food and floral production steadily move from natural outdoor growing conditions to controlled indoor environments as technology advances and commercial greenhouse management knowledge evolves. In the past decade, the United States greenhouse industry has steadily grown from $3 billion in gross revenues to an estimated $4 billion in sales by 2020. This massive increase is driven by a need for higher indoor production due to limited labor, water…

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Winter Growing in a 4-Season Greenhouse

Winter Growing in a 4-Season Greenhouse January 11, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

Greenhouses are manmade micro-climates. They are mini ecosystems that capture the growing forces of nature and house them in an artificial bubble, mimicking the natural effects of sunlight, nutrients, water, heat, humidity and air movement. Just as in large-scale outdoor agricultural farms or even outside urban gardens, optimum plant growing conditions can occur within indoor greenhouses. That includes greenhouses in huge commercial operations or on smaller, subsistence scales. It also includes winter growing in a…

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Greenhouse Guide: Understanding Relative Humidity

Greenhouse Guide: Understanding Relative Humidity November 14, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

We hear it all the time on the evening news: relative humidity. But what exactly does the term mean, and how does relative humidity and its consequences apply to greenhouses? Greenhouse humidity is a key component to getting plants to thrive. To give you a start in understanding relative humidity levels, here’s a look at what they are and how they affect greenhouses. What Is Relative Humidity? In simplest terms, relative humidity (RH) refers to…

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Greenhouse Industry

Industries That Can Benefit: Greenhouses August 25, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Dehumidifiers, Industrial

Most who operate commercial greenhouses focus on temperature control, and rightly so. But humidity control is another vital factor in ing your crops survive and thrive. When high humidity is present in your greenhouse, you’re at risk of dripping water along with your walls and ceiling, as well as a variety of fungal and mildew issues. These issues can be devastating to your crops and your business if you don’t take proactive measures to prevent…

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