Soleaire® Commercial Air Movers for Water Damage Restoration
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At Aer Industries, we offer a huge selection of air movers and other water damage restoration equipment from leading brands like Soleaire®. By offering products from top manufacturers, we help ensure you get the long-term performance, durability and value you expect from an investment in equipment.

Do not settle for mediocre quality when looking for commercial air movers and similar products. Choose Aer Industries for air movers from Soleaire® and other brands with track records of success. At Aer Industries we offer high-quality equipment that fits your needs and doesn’t break your budget.

When You Demand Quality

Difficult commercial water damage restoration jobs require tough air movers and other equipment. When you choose Aer Industries for Soleaire® air movers, you enjoy a large inventory of options that includes the Max Storm 1HP air mover and many others. You can browse through this selection to find a model that offers the performance, size, specifications and price point that best match your unique needs.

When you settle for a bargain-basement, off-brand options, you choose to sacrifice quality for expediency. Don’t make this mistake. You’ll only end up with an air mover that offers a fraction of the performance and durability you expect. Choose Aer Industries for high-quality commercial air movers from Soleaire® and other leading brands.

The Toughness Commercial Work Requires

Commercial water damage restoration process takes place in rugged industrial environments. These tough spaces can wreak havoc on equipment if it’s not tough enough to withstand industrial-grade bumps and bruises. At Aer Industries, our selection of Soleaire® air movers includes options that are both lightweight and tough. You can carry them by yourself into tight spaces, hard-to-reach spots, upstairs and anywhere you need them to go.

In addition to their convenient weight, these air movers are tough enough to work all day and then through the night.

Different Capabilities for Different Work

What do you need your air movers to do? When you browse through our selection of commercial air movers from Soleaire®, you’ll find a number of different options that feature different capabilities. Find the air movers that best meet your needs and that can best help you create outstanding results on your next job.

For Water Damage Restoration, Janitorial Work and Other Industries

While we often work with water damage restoration professionals, our air movers and other equipment are also used by service providers in a number of industries. You’ll find janitorial air mover options as well as equipment that can be deployed for a number of different purposes in a wide variety of industries.

The Max Storm air mover and other models from Soleaire® are proven to get results in water damage restoration work, janitorial work, commercial greenhouses, and much more. When you have air moving needs, Aer Industries is your source for high-quality products from leading brands like Soleaire®.

Get the Best From Aer Industries

We are dedicated to delivering the equipment you need for commercial work of all kinds. We offer a huge selection of products from leading industry brands, and we are constantly rethinking our selection to include the latest in industry developments and innovations.

When you are searching for the best in restoration air movers, janitorial air movers and other equipment, you will find it at Aer Industries. Browse through our selection, and reach out if you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you would like help selecting the equipment that best meets your needs. Our customer service team is always here to answer questions or provide expert guidance as you seek out the right products for your business.