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Restoration Air Movers

The purpose of a restoration air mover is to make water and dampness disappear from surfaces and objects. While other types of restoration equipment are designed for purposes such as extracting water from the air, an air mover acts as an industrial-powered blower that briskly dries water from surfaces.

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In buildings and public areas where flooding has occurred, air movers are among the most effective units the relief teams have for eliminating moisture remnants as quickly as possible. From puddle-strewn floors to soaked objects and saturated walls, industrial air movers allow restoration teams to achieve the following goals at any given disaster scene:

Dry delicate surfaces

Dry delicate surfaces. When water leaks occur, fast action is needed to keep damages minimal. Whether it’s due to a pipeline burst, flood or triggered sprinkler system, puddled floors and drenched walls should be dried as soon as possible — before odorous water mold starts to grow. When restoration air movers are put into action, water and dampness in all forms are eliminated in just a fraction of the time it would take for it to evaporate.

Retrieve valuable items

Retrieve valuable items. In the aftermath of floods, hurricanes, fires and other disasters, rescue work involves more than pulling people to safety. Belongings and merchandise also matter, especially when said items are rare, expensive, one-of-a-kind, vintage or priceless. Whereas modern-day replaceable items can easily be discarded if the damage is too intense, there are some things that deserve the utmost effort to retrieve in the best condition possible, and it’s an achievable goal with restoration air movers in tow.

Minimize property damage

Minimize property damage. Disasters are costly, regardless of what does or doesn’t get lost or destroyed. For restoration workers, the objective is to keep damages as minimal as possible so business owners, workers and tenants can resume life as normal once the waters clear. When relief crews employ airflow devices in flooded and ash-strewn areas, costs are reduced, and damages are minimized because cleanup occurs at a much greater speed.

When relief crews are equipped with restoration air movers, the floors and walls of flood scenes get cleared and dried in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks. With air movers positioned at angles that make the impact most effective, building structures and furnishings are spared untold damage expenses. Furthermore, valuable merchandise and personal belongings are saved — and in many cases restored to their original conditions.

The B-Air® Vent VP-33 Air Mover

With its lightweight and compact design, the B-Air® Vent VP-33 air mover is one of the easiest restoration devices to transport between different places along a disaster area. Featuring a unique, circular design, the VP-33 can be positioned to move air in three different directions: straight ahead, at 45° angles and straight up toward the ceiling in a saturated room. Made from molded plastic, this 29 lb. stylish unit comes in three different colors: blue, green and red. Other features of the VP-33 include the following:

B-Air Vent VP-33 Air Mover

With wheel speeds as fast as 1,720 rotations per minute, the B-Air® Vent VP-33 Air Mover is capable of moving air at brisk speeds for the most urgent restoration missions. The VP-33 can be securely stacked in groups of up to four units, so disaster relief workers can get quadruple the power with each application.

The B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover

The super small and easy-to-carry B-Air® Flex FX-1 mini air mover is a powerful and convenient device for restoration missions in the narrowest and tiniest of areas. Weighing just 12 pounds, the FX-1 can be carted along in packs for quick setup and instant air power in areas that have been ravaged by water saturation. The unit’s half-circular, half-square design allows for mounting in vertical, horizontal and 45°-angle positions. Available in blue, green and red models, this attractive unit also boasts the following specs:

B-Air Flex FX-1 Mini attributes

With its fast airspeeds and compact design, the B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover is a choice device for restoration efforts in small, enclosed areas. In buildings that have been hit by floods or suffered damage due to ruptured pipelines, the FX-1 can be used to dry out cabinet areas, crawl spaces and other narrow spaces where larger devices might be unable to fit.

The B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover

When airflow is needed on the double, the B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 air mover can get things moving at speeds as high as 1,710 rotations per minute. With its sleek, compact and circular design, the Grizzly can be mounted in four positions: horizontal, vertical, 45° and as a kickstand angle. Equipped with a yellow power cord, the Grizzly is made in black and green models. At 45 lbs. and named for its super speeds and ability to move air in some of the most challenging restoration missions, the Grizzly is equipped with the following features:

B-Air Grizzly GP-1 attributes

In restorations that require maximum airflow to rid the environment of dampness and moisture, the B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover is among the most powerful units disaster-relief workers can have in their arsenals. In large buildings and factory spaces that have been impacted by leaks and floods, a setup of Grizzly units running full speed in each corner could have surfaces dry at a faster rate than even scorching sunlight on a puddle.

The B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 Axial Air Mover

As one of the most potent and flexible airflow devices, the B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 axial air mover can be used horizontally as well as at an 18° tilted angle. As a small and compact unit, the PB-25 can easily be stacked top-to-bottom for triple or quadruple the airflow power. The PB-25 is also a highly efficient unit, with a 1/4 hp motor that draws 2.8 amps at maximum intensities. Weighing in at 34 lbs., this colorful air mover comes in blue, green and red. The PB-25 also has the following features:

B-Air Polar Bear PB-25 Axial Air Mover attributes

The BlueDri™ ONE-29 Air Mover

As one of the most affordable commercial restoration air mover on the market today, the BlueDri™ ONE-29 Air Mover packs a lot of value for its small size and weight. Boasting three different speeds and blowing angles, the ONE-29 can also be stacked in groups of three and power in groups of four along daisy chains. Featuring a sleek light-blue design, the 26 lb. ONE-29 is further characterized by the following specs:

BlueDri One-29 Commercial Air Mover attributes

Backed by a five-year warranty, the BlueDri™ ONE-29 Air Mover is one of the safest bet industrial restoration fans currently on sale. With its stylish design and color, the ONE-29 has a professional look for all situations, whether the device is used to circulate airflow in spaces that are stuffy and moisture-laden or flooded and saturated. Safety-certified with a C-ETL-US listing, the ONE-29 delivers top speeds that can restore surfaces before the effects of water, mold and evaporation take hold.

How Industrial Restoration Blowers Can Be Used to Combat Water Damage

One of the biggest threats to any object not made of steel or stone is water. Trouble is, water danger looms to some degree in every home or building structure.

At any given moment, however, mother nature could throw structures into a tailspin, and everything from tables and supplies to machines and equipment could get soaked, splashed or saturated with moisture. When problems like this arise, industrial air movers are essential for the following types of restoration work:

  • Dry surfaces. When objects made of wood get splashed or drenched with water due to a pipe or tank burst, industrial restoration air movers make it possible to dry away the water before it evaporates into the wood.
  • Prevent evaporation. When a wooden fixture or furnishing gets soaked, it’s best to have the object dried with a restoration blower. If the water evaporates naturally, water bacteria and mold end up seeping into the wood grains and contaminating the object.
  • Clear moisture. Water doesn’t need to be in stream or puddle form to cause damage in the wrong places. Condensation can also be a threat, especially if machinery, fabric or paper products are in the midst. A well-positioned air mover can reduce moisture to benign levels.

An example of how these air movers would help is if a plumbing disaster sends water into all the wrong areas. Restoration blowers like the B-Air® Vent VP-33 Air Mover can help salvage as many furnishings as possible before moisture ruins circuitry, and rank, musty water forever embeds itself into wood and paper products.

B-Air Vent VP-33 air mover can help salvage furnishings

How Commercial Restoration Blowers Can Aid in Flood Relief Efforts

Barring a major earthquake, hurricane or fire, nothing can be as devastating to a home, office, or building space as a big flood. Given how many large cities are built at the edges of major bodies of water, the threat of floods has become a growing concern as climate change spurs cataclysms in increasingly frequent yet unpredictable ways.

Floods cause billions of dollars worth of damage

Wherever they strike, floods can cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage to the structures, furnishings, HVAC systems and electrical circuitry of buildings large and small. In the aftermath of floods, commercial restoration air movers can be used to salvage the following things:

  • Drywalls and ceilings. Floods can leave a permanent mark on walls and ceilings if the water is left to evaporate into the wood and plasterboard. Not only can surfaces get warped, but the grains and fibers can get saturated with water, resulting in an eventual dank and musty smell. This can all be avoided with the use of commercial restoration blowers, which can dry up flood water before it evaporates.
  • Clear away puddles. Once a flood has cleared, natural drying times vary. Some areas will dry within hours, but puddles can still linger across certain sections of floor space for days or even weeks. If left to sit, the situation becomes annoying, uncomfortable and unsanitary. With selectively placed restoration air movers, the problem can be eliminated before it gets devastating.
  • Save upholstery and carpeting. Though conventional wisdom states that flooded carpets should simply be discarded, some carpets are priceless. Thing is, if a carpet is that valuable, it wouldn’t be worth the risk of putting it through the washing process. However, carpets as well as upholstery can be salvaged from flood water when put to dry in front of restoration airflow devices (read more about carpet drying here)

Unless all human activity is moved at least two feet above ground, floods will always be a potential threat in any city, town or village situated near an ocean, river or dam. Still, devices like the B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover can help remedy situations in flood-ravaged areas.

How Industrial Restoration Fans Can Help in the Cleanup of Disaster Areas

Water isn’t the only element that can devastate property. In most cases, fire causes much worse damage. Aside from its ability to rapidly spread, the worst thing about fire is that everything it touches is irreversibly altered, if not ruined outright. For disaster-relief workers, the aftermath of a fire scene is less about salvation and restoration efforts and more to with clearing the area for a new beginning. Nonetheless, even if objects cannot be dried back to their original state, industrial air movers can still make it possible for crews to achieve the following:

  • Clear dust, soot and ash. When a building gets leveled from fire or structural collapse, the dust and ash can take days to clear the area. Inhalation can be dangerous and possibly lethal for survivors, rescue workers and onlookers in or near the wreckage. With industrial restoration blowers, emergency crews can circulate airflow and make disaster areas safer and more manageable.
  • Clear smoke and fumes. The smoke of flaming embers can form deadly clouds in burning buildings, especially when there’s no ventilation. Once the flames have been extinguished, fumes can still persist for some time to come, especially in the more enclosed sections of a ravaged building. Commercial restoration blowers allow cleanup workers to clear the air faster so repairs can commence sooner.
  • Provide fresh air and coolness. Regardless of the end damage, a leveled or partially collapsed building will generally be engulfed in stuffy, dirty air for an indefinite amount of time. The situation could quickly improve, however, with strategically placed restoration fans blowing across all corners of a disaster site.

Once a fire has been extinguished, airflow devices can safely enter the picture. Fans and blowers might not put out the flames, but devices like the B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover can be placed inside smoke-engulfed rooms of just-extinguished buildings — and also around the wreckage of leveled structures — to restore clarity and breathability to the scene. In certain fire-relief efforts, restoration blowers might even be useful to dry away the water firefighters used to put out the flames.

B-Air Flex FX-1 mini can help restore breathibility in smoke-filled rooms

How a Restoration Blower Can Help Restore Soaked or Saturated Objects

To a lot of home and businesses owners, floods are generally associated with loss of valuable inventory and goods. However, some items aren’t worth discarding simply because it’s been submerged in water — at least not until restoration workers put their best efforts toward restoring the merchandise to its former glory. Likewise, famed and priceless items on display in museums and national libraries must be retrieved after flood waters hit, regardless of the condition. With a restoration blower, the surface and integrity of the following item types can be saved in the aftermath of floods:

  • Rescue artwork. Barring the loss of human life, few disasters are as tragic as those that destroy irreplaceable artifacts of cultural history. When art museums and libraries incur property damage due to floods, broken pipelines or wrongfully-triggered sprinkler systems, everything must be done to rescue the priceless artwork, rare books and historical documents. Though the condition will no doubt be affected, a restoration blower makes it possible to retrieve paintings and sculptures — as well as posters, books, maps and other paper — immediately after water exposure.
  • Save jewelry. Unless it’s centuries-old exquisite jewels amongst the wreckage of a sunken ocean liner, jewelry loses value when it’s been submerged in water. Contaminating elements within flood water can affect the color and surface of delicate metals and stones. With airflow devices, however, restoration workers can save jewelry and other valuable merchandise during relief missions.
  • Salvage quilts. Not all fabrics are expendable. While an apparel outlet or factory can simply dump a flooded load of inventory and file an insurance claim, a flooded antique shop can’t just discard its Colonial-era quilts, flags and wardrobe pieces. With restoration blowers, floodwater can be dried from antique fabric pieces and upholsteries with little to no damage.

Flooding and water damage will inevitably affect the value of rare antiques and one-of-a-kind display pieces, but it doesn’t mean they should be rendered worthless. With a high-powered airflow device like the B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 Axial Air Mover, retrievable artwork, fabrics jewelry, carvings, documents and other priceless items can be saved and ultimately put back on display once everything returns to normal.

Valuables can be saved after floods

Buy Industrial Restoration Blowers Online From Aer Industries

When it comes to commercial airflow units, restoration professions have long made Aer Industries their go-to source for products like the Grizzly GP-1, the ONE-29 and other high-powered devices. Whether you want to employ air movers separately or stacked, we have plenty of models to choose from in our inventory. Have a color or shape preference? Most of the air movers we carry are available in multiple colors and are fully or partially circular in design. Best of all, our lightweight, easy-to-carry air movers have the power to dry the wettest surfaces and the most saturated walls and objects.

Here at Aer Industries, we carry a selection of air movers from top manufacturers like B-Air®: maker of the acclaimed Vent VP-33, Flex FX-1, Grizzly GP-1 and Polar Bear PB-25 units. Moreover, we carry airflow products from BlueDri™, like the ONE-29: one of the top names in restoration equipment that disaster-relief crews use at rescue sites. For more information about the air movers in our inventory, contact us online or dial 855-345-3555 today to speak to one of our product experts.