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B-Air® R1 Pack Green | Top Commercial Air Mover, Scrubber & Dehumidifier
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B-Air® R1-Pack Dehumidifier, Air Mover and Axial Fan Green ,

x2 Commercial Dehumidifiers x10 Air Movers x2 Axial Air Mover Fans

B-Air® Vantage VG-1500 Dehumidifier
The Vantage 1500 dehumidifier combines compact and rugged design with the professional performance needed to get the job done. The VG-1500 was not designed to reinvent the dehumidification process using patented technology inside its units or to revitalize appearances by miniaturizing the overall construction and components inside. Affordability, dependability and performance have continued to be the needs for conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers. The Vantage 1500 was built to simply work hard and outperform its contemporaries. In doing so, the VG 1500 simply is the best dehumidifier in its class.

B-Air® Vent VP-33
The evolution of the centrifugal air mover continues. With maximum amperage draw being 2.1 amps on its highest setting combined with its small size, the Vent VP-25 takes an overall concept and succeeds in making a true tool for real contractors. The rotomolded housing is durable and washable. The multipurpose design allows operating positions for horizontal, 45° and 90° angles. The balanced handle also acts as an optimum cord wrap assembly freeing the VP-25 of obstructions for secure stacking (4 units high).

B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25
The Polar Bear axial air mover (PB-25) is engineered for maximum performance. The built-in adjustable feet allow the Polar Bear to be used at a level horizontal angle or to be positioned at a downward 18° angle for a more concentrated air-flow. The ¼ HP motor in the Polar Bear delivers a powerful 3300 CFM while requiring minimal amperage draw (2.8 amps) when set on high. The Polar Bear is lightweight and compact and along with its weight balanced handle, the PB-25 can be carried with ease. With an onboard GFCI outlet, the Polar Bear axial fan has all the tools for “Daisy Chain” connectivity and holds the highest safety marks for the United States and Canada through its C-ETL-US certification.

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Weight 567 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 48 x 64 in


Vantage VG-1500 Specifications

Water Removal (AHAM) 76PPD (8D°F 60%RH)
Water Removal (Saturation) 150PPD (90°F 90%RH)
Power 7.36A /115V
Refrigerant R410a
Air Volume 325 CFM
Working Temperature 33·- 100°F
Compressor Type Rotary
Controls Electronic Touchpad
Housing Construction Rotomolded Polyethylene
Unit Dimensions 22.5″ x 20″ x 32″
Net Weight 84 LBS
Certifications C-ETL-US

Vent VP-33 Specifications

C-ETL Certification
Voltage 115V
Cycle 60Hz
Max Air Volume 2530CFM
Amps L 2.6A / H 2.9A
Max Static Pressure 1.7″
Weight Net/Gr 26/29 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 16″x 14.5″x 15.5″
Wheel Speed (RPM L1450 / M1620 / H1720
Motor 1/3 HP
Attached Cord (14 G) 25 Ft/14 AWG
Speeds 2

Polar Bear PB-25 Specifications

C-ETL Certification
Voltage 115 V 230 V
Cycle 60 Hz 50 Hz
Max Air Volume 3320 CFM 2850 CFM
AMPS 2.8 A 1.3 A
Weight Net/ GR 30/34 LBS
Unit Size (LxWxH) 22.5”x 20”x 13”22.5”x 20”x 13”
Fan Speed (RPM) L 1650 / H 1750L 1350 / H 1450
Motor 1/4 HP
Attached Cord (18G) 25 FT / 14AWG
Speeds 2

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