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Abatement Predator® 750 Red | Best Air Scrubber & HEPA Filter
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Predator® 750
Air Scrubber Red ,

Many professionals working in structures undergoing construction, renovation and remediation need an air scrubber that works hard and dependably to purify and freshen the interior spaces. The Abatement® PREDATOR® 750 Air Scrubber, available in red and other colors, can be that piece of high-quality equipment — the unit that quickly and effectively removes particles, chemicals and toxins from inside spaces.

Not only is the PREDATOR® 750 effective in purifying the air, but it’s also easily transportable. In fact, it’s the best and most mobile HEPA filtration device in its class. This blend of performance and mobility can’t be overstated or overvalued when you’re a contractor or similar professional who needs to quickly move equipment into place and who needs to see results as quickly as possible.

This version of the PREDATOR® 750 features an innovative new design that ensures you get a unit that represents the latest in industry developments and innovations. When you need an air scrubber that you can count on to show up and work hard, day in and day out, look no further than the PREDATOR® 750.
For all your air scrubber, dehumidifying and air moving needs, choose the selection you’ll find at Aer Industries. We feature products made by only the most trusted industry manufacturers, because that’s the best way to ensure you get the quality, durable performance you demand out of your equipment. The PREDATOR® 750 is a professional-grade air scrubber that feels at home in rugged commercial and industrial environments. Get your Abatement® PREDATOR® 750 Air Scrubber today.

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Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 20 x 21 in



DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 25.5”L x 19.5”W x 20.5”H
POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS: 110-120 volts AC, 60Hz, 15 amp circuit
NORMAL OPERATING AMPS: 1.9 A or less (Daisy-chain up to five units on one 15A circuit)
MOTORIZED IMPELLER: Motorized impeller with thermal overload protection, auto re-set, 60Hz, single phase
GFCI Protected Receptacles: Dual receptacles allow for daisy-chaining multiple units on a 15 or 20 amp circuit
POWER CORD: 25 ft. long grounded power cord with cord wrap clip
CABINET MATERIAL: UL94HB flame retardant resin with EPA-Registered microbial inhibitor and UV inhibitor
WARRANTY: 1 Year. Warranty does not include useful filter life.

4 reviews for Abatement®
Predator® 750
Air Scrubber Red

5 out of 5

I was considering installing an Air Scrubber for my house. I have a coworker who has installed one and said it has worked great for treating indoor air , i bought this exact scrubber that he has and i can say he is 100% right.

5 out of 5

have a nice amount of pets and bought this just to get some fresh air in the house. You can taste the crisp clean air when you are near this thing. If you walk in from outside the air just taste so clean. I love it.

4 out of 5

I’ve bought 4 dehumidifiers because i really needed a good one the other 3 costed me a bit less but they were absolutely thrash this one is great i don’t think i will ever need to buy another one after having this.

5 out of 5

easy to clean , removes moisture from air , not loud even at the max settings

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