Soleaire® Max Storm Air Mover Blue

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If you’re a water damage restoration professional who needs professional-grade equipment, choose the Max Storm Air Mover from Soleaire®, available in blue and other colors. This powerful-yet-transportable air mover delivers dependable performance even in rugged commercial and industrial environments. Its polyethylene shell protects it from damage while it continues to move air — overnight or even longer if you need to move on to other things while it works.

At just 25 pounds, the Max Storm is easy for a single service provider to carry and maneuver into hard-to-reach areas like attics, closets and crawl spaces. But what you get in compactness you won’t sacrifice in power, as the Max Storm delivers professional-grade air moving performance.

The Max Storm most often finds use in janitorial services, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and similar industries. Take advantage of its many features if you work in one of these trades or anything similar. No matter the nature of your work, the Max Storm can be counted on to work just as hard as you do, day in and day out.
At Aer Industries, we only offer products from top industry names like Soleair®. We choose to curate a selection of products from these leading manufacturers, because that’s the best way to ensure you get the performance you deserve. Get your Max Storm from Soleaire® today!

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 16 in



Voltage: 115V 60Hz
Motor: 0.5 HP
Air Volume: 2550 CFM
Speeds: 2
Amp Draw: 5 AMPS
Weight: 25 lbs
Safety Certification: CE
Size: 16.5” W x 16” L x 19.5” H
Power Cord Length: 25’
Available Colors: Blue, Orange, Purple
Warranty: 1 year / 5 year housing

10 reviews for Soleaire® Max Storm Air Mover Blue

  1. gerrard

    They are very powerful , quiet and provide more air than my ceiling fans or regular fans. Just put them in a corner and the air moves across and into the room and provides more coolness than that of the other fans.

  2. tommyy

    Great fan that has a very focused stream of air, unlike conventional fans that have a fairly wide swath of air, this fan has a beam of air that can be pointed directly at you or an object (great for drying out carpets, other objects, and sweaty bodies)

  3. allaa

    Best ever!!!! I absolutely love this! This fan is very strong, the minimum setting is already a maximum in a normal fan. I use it in my bedroom.

  4. andree

    At the price, it seems to be the best value when you look at how much air it moves compared for its price.
    Works great for moving a good amount of air a long distance.

  5. Garreth

    *This is a great value in a air mover, it is small, but really well constructed

  6. mardi

    Amazing blower. The amount of air it moves is incredible.Works as well as the larger fans.

  7. kayle

    Super light, small, fits anywhere and does a great job. Cheapest out there too as far as cost goes

  8. jefry

    Light and powerful, I was expecting a bigger unit for the amount of air that it moves, very happy.

  9. curry

    Works great for moving a good amount of air a long distance.

  10. Masteel

    Air movement: Excellent on all levels. It truly pushes air a long distance. Even 20+ feet away I can still feel it strongly.

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