B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover Green

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Not all professional-grade air movers are created equal. When you’re looking for the perfect blend of performance and mobility, it’s hard to beat what you get from a Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover from B-Air®, available in green and other colors. This air mover can run at three different speeds, delivering the type of air flow you need for a range of jobs.

It can also be positioned at one of four angles, including horizontal, vertical, 45 degrees and an optional angle that takes advantage of the unit’s swing-out kickstand. This powerful performance comes in a compact package — one that allows the Grizzly GP-1 to fit into closets, attics, crawl spaces and other tight areas.

The Grizzly GP-1 is designed to deliver dependable performance even in tough commercial and industrial environments. Its heavy-duty, roto-molded polyethylene casing helps protect the unit as it dries areas or circulates air overnight, or even for days at a time. Adding this unit to your collection of equipment is like adding a dependable new professional to your team.

At Aer Industries, we carry only the best of the best in water damage restoration products, tools and equipment. We curate a selection that features only products made by top brand names, including industry leaders like B-Air®. By choosing to offer only leading manufacturers, we put you in touch with products that have a track record of success in. Count on durability, performance and dependability when you choose the Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover for your water damage restoration needs. Get your unit today.



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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 25 in



C-ETL Certification
Voltage 115V 230V
Cycle 60Hz 50Hz
Max Air Volume 3550CFM 3180CFM
Amps L 8.7A / M 9.2A / H 9.8A L 4.7A / M 5.2 A / H 5.8A
Max Static Pressure3.1"" 2.8""
Weight Net/Gr 39/43 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 19""x 18""x 19.5""
Wheel Speed (RPM) L1300 / M1440 / H1720 L1070 / M1190 / H1400
Motor 1 HP
Attached Cord (14 G) 25 Ft
Speeds 3
Kick Stand Height 4.5"
Warranty 2 years on parts & labor, 5 years on housing

6 reviews for B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover Green

  1. opla

    Works great for moving a good amount of air a long distance.

  2. Anitta

    very nice and priced well i would definitely recommend this item to anybody that might be looking for this type of product

  3. coco

    Great product, great price and it does what it promises.

  4. yuri

    Very easy to use , it’s not to heavy to carry, it holds up great over time. Has lots of power to it. I would highlyr RECCOMEND this product to someone who wants good performance, durability and ease of use!!

  5. sety

    This product is great! We bought it to dry basement carpeting after heavy rains caused seepage; we had been using fans previously. The drying time was reduced significantly. Since then, we have used it elsewhere in the house to dry spot cleaning on the carpet.

  6. sevo

    ***I use this for photo shoots and it does very amazingly well. It puts out a good flow but not too strong where it makes my subjects squint or makes hair/clothes fly like crazy. It also keeps my subjects nice and cool when standing in front of beauty lights that often give off a lot of heat. Great for drying floors too.

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