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B-Air® PB-25 Polar BearDuct

An air mover is essential to your work as a water damage restoration professional. In fact, it is likely that you have multiple air movers so you can cover large areas at your most challenging job sites. It can often be difficult to direct your air movers’ airflow exactly where it needs to go. That is why it can be helpful to have a dryer duct attachment that assists with better directing airflow.

This air mover duct is compatible with the B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 Axial Air Mover. It helps you achieve the best possible results, especially when the water damage you’re treating is in areas that are more difficult to reach. An air mover alone can do incredible things in water damage restoration, but an air mover with a B-Air® PB-25 Polar Bear Duct can help you to complete your projects more quickly and efficiently.

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