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B-Air Grizzly Tarp 12X16 Blue, Pack of 10

This 12′ x 16′ Blue Grizzly Tarp will come in handy for many projects. When you’re taking on tough jobs, a large tarp can be used to protect portions of the worksite, cover tools from the elements, or for any range of other applications. It’s made of woven and laminated polyethylene that features heat-sealed seams. At five millimeters thick, it’s tough and durable enough to get the job done for extended periods of time in harsh conditions.

Take advantage of grommets spaced three feet apart to securely tie down your tarp. You’ll appreciate that it’s lightweight, washable and easily transportable. It’s even mildew resistant, which makes the 12’ x 16’ Blue Grizzly Tarp an ideal companion for contractors and individuals who need a tarp for protecting tools or worksites from the elements. Get a 12’ x 16’ Blue Grizzly Tarp for your work, or get several to ensure you always have a tarp on hand when you need one.


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Weight45 lbs
Dimensions144 x 192 in



Pack of 10

Weave (sq. inch)



12′ x 16′

Actual Hemmed Size

11.3′ x 14.9′




5 mil