B-Air® Grizzly GP-1Duct Dryer KitBlack


Air movers are vital tools for the success of a water damage restoration professional. But an air mover is only as good as the angling and focus of its airflow. A duct dryer kit can help you better angle, distribute and control your air mover’s airflow for maximum impact. A duct dryer kit like this one is especially helpful when you’re dealing with hard-to-reach places and tight spots where it is more difficult to send the drying power of an air mover’s airflow.

This duct dryer kit is compatible with the B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover. It is inexpensive and effective. And, like all B-Air® products, it is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality. Achieve your best-possible results and easily reach those hard to reach spaces when you invest in the B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Duct Dryer Kit.

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