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bair flex fx 1 filter kit
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B-Air® Flex FX-1Filter Kit

When you run a water damage restoration business, your equipment is vital to delivering outstanding results. Make sure you are getting the most out of your investment in a B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover with a filter kit. These types of filters ensure that your air mover’s motor remains clear of dust, dirt, pet hair and other foreign objects that can undermine its effectiveness and shorten its lifespan. You want the greatest return on your investment in an air mover, and this small and inexpensive addition helps you achieve that best-possible return.

As with all B-Air® products, you can count on quality and durability with each purchase. Get your B-Air® Flex FX-1 Filter Kit today so you can deliver outstanding results at your job sites. Order online today!

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