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B-Air® Flex FX-1Duct Dryer Kit

As if water damage restoration wasn’t hard enough, sometimes the damage has occurred in remote, hard-to-reach places. When you need to direct air movement into crawl spaces and other tight spots, make sure you have the right duct dryer kit. The B-Air® Flex FX-1 Duct Dryer Kit is an ideal solution when you need to direct air into those tiny crevices where water damage can be difficult to treat. This duct dryer kit compatible with the B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover, and it features a high-quality, flexible vinyl material that makes setup fast and easy. An air control gate allows you to change the airflow.

As with all B-Air® products, this Flex FX-1 Duct Dryer Kit is designed with care and attention to detail, and its manufacturing meets the highest standards of quality. This duct dryer kit is tough and durable, and it can get the job done on even the most challenging of work sites.

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