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bair cp-2x red contractor pack
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B-AIR® CP-2X Contractor Pack Green


The B-Air® CP-2x Contractor Pack 2x Includes: 2x B-Air VP-25 1/4 HP 900 CFM Air Movers, 8x B-Air VP-33 1/3 HP 2530 CFM Air Movers, 1x B-Air LGR-2200 Commercial Dehumidifier and 1x RA-650 HEPA Air Scrubber

  • Dry light water damaged or just cleaned carpeting and flooring with the B-Air Vent VP-25 air mover; the B-Air vent VP-25 air mover is ideal for use throughout the home; providing powerful air circulation with a 1/4 HP motor, this smaller unit is ideal for homeowners, retail businesses and contractors
  • B-Air vent VP-33 air mover restoration favorite is the workhorse for commercial and industrial services and professions; designed to push air across a variety of surfaces, the professional air power and maneuverability make this unit the go-to choice for restoration contractors, versatile across many jobs, the 1/3 HP engine with daisy chainable feature guarantees quick drying of mold and water remediation jobs; mold and water damaged homes require swift and professional restoration; the B-Air vent VP-33 air mover rapidly provides circulated air across large living spaces or basements to water-logged carpeting, furniture, floors and walls with its airflow capacity of up to 2530 CFMs; the heavy-duty roto-molded casing is well built, firm stackable position allows smaller footprint in the storage, while the 2-speed settings generate high-velocity air with low amp output – the idyllic situation for any water restoration professional
  • B-Air vantage VG LGR 2200 dehumidifier is a great addition to any water restoration company, as this roto-molded, no-fuss refrigerant dehumidifier removes more than 25 Gal. of moisture from water-soaked homes, offices and more; in addition, this dehumidifier excels at working under extreme temperatures, while the electronic touchpad makes locating and operating the system a cinch
  • Mildew, mold and other contaminants can be a huge issue when on restoration and remediation jobsites; designed with these environments in mind, the B-Air RA-650 HEPA air scrubber brings a new tool to the fight; capable of an airflow of up to 500 cu. ft. per minute (CFM) it delivers a powerful air cleaning performance; it draws an efficient 2.5 Amp and is daisy-chain capable for running multiple units at a day, 2 filtration stages, including industry standard HEPA filtration, quickly removes harmful particles from the air




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Weight 482 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 90 in


B-Air® VG-2200 Specifications

Certification: C-ETL-US
Water Removal (AHAM) 130PPD (80°F 60%RH)
Water Removal (Saturation) 225PPD (90°F- 90%RH)
Power 8.5 Amps 115V/60Hz
Refrigerant R410a
Air Volume 400 CFM
Housing Construction Rotomolded Polyethylene
Working Temperature 32°F- 115°F
Compressor Type Rotary

B-Air® VP-33 Specifications

C-ETL Certification
Voltage 115V
Cycle 60Hz
Max Air Volume 2530CFM
Amps L 2.6A / H 2.9A
Max Static Pressure 1.7"
Weight Net/Gr 26/29 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 16"x 14.5"x 15.5"

B-Air® VP-25 Specifications

C-ETL Certification
Voltage 115V
Cycle 60Hz
Max Air Volume 2530CFM
Amps L 2.6A / H 2.9A
Max Static Pressure 1.7"
Weight Net/Gr 26/29 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 16"x 14.5"x 15.5"
Wheel Speed (RPM L1450 / M1620 / H1720
Motor 1/3 HP
Attached Cord (14 G) 25 Ft/14 AWG
Speeds 2

B-Air® RA-650 Specifications

Certification: C-ETL-US
Power Indicator Led Light
Daisy Chainable GFCI Port
Fan Speed 500-2400 RPM
Motor Rating .33 HP
Power 115V 60HZ
Current 2.5 Amps
Cfm 250-500
Pre Filter G4
Prime Filter H13 (Made in Germany)