B-Air VP-25 Compact Air Mover & Carpet Dryer Red | 84-Pack
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red 84 pack
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84 Pack B-Air® Vent VP-25 Compact Air Mover Red

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The newest air mover from B-Air® is perhaps the most versatile product in this trusted brand’s collection. The VP-25 Compact Air Mover, available in red and other colors, delivers similar performance to the popular VP-33 and VP-50 models, but it’s also small enough to squeeze into difficult-to-reach areas like closets, attics, cabinets and crawl spaces. But what you gain in mobility and transportability, you won’t sacrifice in performance — the VP-25 Compact is designed to take on tough drying work in rugged commercial and industrial environments.

Like all B-Air® products, the VP-25 includes a tough casing that keeps it safe while you leave it to dry or move air overnight or for days at a time. Daisy chain up to five units together to create a unique drying vortex, or use individually when you need air flow in tough-to-reach spots. The VP-25 Compact is also efficient, pulling only 2.1 amps when used at its highest setting. For value, durability, performance and mobility, you won’t find a better air moving option than the VP-25 Compact.

At Aer Industries, we specialize in curating a vast selection of the tools and equipment water damage restoration professionals need to deliver outstanding results. We choose to carry only trusted brands like B-Air®, because that’s the best way to ensure you get the quality and durability you expect out of an investment in professional-grade equipment. Get your B-Air® VP-25 Compact Air Mover today.



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Product ID: 6145 SKU: BA-VP-25-RD-84. Categories: , , .
Weight11 lbs
Dimensions12.8 x 12.4 x 13.3 in



1/4HP Enclosed Motor
Max Air Volume 900 CFM
Low 2.1 Amps
ETL Certified and Listed
Stackable 5 units
On Board GFCI
3 Speeds
11 lbs
10′ (ft) Cord
Size 12.8″; x 12.4″; x 13.3″

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