B-Air Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover Blue | Bulk Air Movers 128-Pack
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bair fx 1 pack blue
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128 Pack B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover Blue


For water damage restoration professionals who need air movers that can squeeze into hard-to-reach spaces, the Flex FX-1 Mini from B-Air® offers a lightweight, affordable solution. This air mover, available in blue and other colors, is perfect for air moving under counters, in closets and attics, inside drop ceiling panels and other tight spots. Weighing in at just 12 pounds, the Flex FX-1 Mini can fit into these small spaces, but it still delivers powerful performance, helping to effectively move air and reduce moisture inside these small areas.

The Flex FX-1 Mini is versatile, too, able to be positioned at three different angles — horizontal, vertical and 45 degrees. Choose to set up your Flex FX-1 Mini to best meet your air moving needs. The Flex FX-1 Mini is designed for water damage restoration professionals who operate in rugged commercial and industrial environments. Constructed of high-quality, durable materials, the Flex FX-1 Mini comes to work each day and works just as hard as you do.

At Aer Industries, we’re committed to offering products that meet only the highest standards of quality, which is why you find top brands like B-Air® in our selection. We also know that no two water damage restoration professionals have the same exact needs, which is why we offer a range of products. You’ll find heavy-duty air movers in our selection, just as you’ll find lightweight, high-performing air movers like the Flex FX-1 Mini. Buy your B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover today.



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Product ID: 6102 SKU: BA-FX-1-BL-128. Categories: , .
Weight12 lbs
Dimensions11 x 11 x 10 in



C-ETL Certification
Voltage 115 V 230 V
Max Air Volume 375 CFM
AMPS 2.6 A 1.3 A
Max Static Pressure 2.8″” 2.6″”
Weight Net/ GR 11/12 LBS
Unit Size (LxWxH) 10.5″” x 10″” x 8.5″” Wheel Speed (RPM) 3400 2850
Motor 1/4 HP
Attached Cord (18G) 12 FT

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