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Professional Mold Remediation Equipment

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Mold Remediation Equipment

The discovery of mold can be a terrifying one for a home or business owner. Not only can mold damage a structure, but it also poses a significant health risk to anyone who lives or works in the structure. That’s why mold remediation professionals are so important. Mold remediation professionals can only do their best work if they have the right tools and equipment needed for mold remediation — such as air scrubbers, air movers, dehumidifiers and more.

At Aer Industries, we provide a vast selection of mold remediation equipment that includes everything needed to properly eradicate mold and prevent it from returning. All of the items you’ll find in our selection meet the highest quality standards and can help you do your best work on the toughest of mold remediation jobs.

Mold Remediation Air Movers

Mold Remediation Dehumidifiers

HEPA Air Scrubbers for Mold Remediation

Air Scrubber Replacement Filters


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Heavy Duty Equipment for Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is a critical process that includes a number of different tools and pieces of equipment that must be carefully deployed. After the discovery of mold remediation, the affected area must be closed off. Then, an air mover is used to create negative pressure and draw air out of the affected area. This is essential to preventing the spread of mold to other locations.

An air scrubber is then used to start working on the air in the affected space. This space should still be completely closed off, and the air scrubber will begin to remove harmful particles out of the air. Air scrubbers rely on HEPA filtration to remove small particles from the air.

Before, during and after the process, industrial air movers and dehumidifiers can be deployed to remove moisture from the air and ensure the mold does not spread to other portions of the home or business.

Mold Remediation Equipment from Aer Industries

At Aer Industries, we carry a collection of only the best equipment available. This selection includes air scrubbers for mold remediation, air scrubber HEPA filters, air movers, dehumidifiers, and much more.

You’ll find a number of different air scrubbers and replacement filter options in our selection. These HEPA air scrubbers are C-ETL certified, like all of our equipment offerings, and made to stand up to the most rugged jobs.

Likewise, our commercial dehumidifiers include both LGR and conventional models, with the water removal rating to fit your job needs.

Finally, our collection of air movers includes ¼ horsepower through 1 horsepower options. You’ll find both compact and larger air movers, and you can always count on quality from the brands that we carry. At Aer Industries, whether you’re looking for the perfect HEPA air scrubber, replacement filters or parts, dehumidifier, or air mover, you can always count on a wide selection of the high-quality equipment from the best brands when you choose Aer Industries.

Find Quality and Selection at Aer Industries

At Aer Industries, we work hard to meet the needs of service professionals in a wide range of industries, mold remediation included. We provide these professionals with access to the best in commercial drying equipment, all C-ETL certified meeting the highest possible standards for quality and durability. When you need mold remediation drying equipment, Aer Industries can be your go-to mold equipment supplier.

We even offer mold remediation equipment packages to give you an easy way to save per unit, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to expand your equipment fleet. These equipment packages offer a mix of air movers, dehumidifiers and HEPA air scrubbers so you get the mix of equipment that you need at affordable prices. We also offer air scrubbers, air movers and dehumidifiers in bulk packages.

If you have any questions as you look through our selection, contact our team of experts today.


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