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Portable Equipment for Greenhouse Climate Control

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Commercial Greenhouse Climate Control Equipment

Running a commercial greenhouse is a delicate job that requires the right knowledge and experience, as well as the right tools and equipment. While many focus on temperature control at greenhouses, humidity can pose a similar threat — which is why dehumidifiers for greenhouses are so important. A commercial air mover can also be used to promote commercial greenhouse climate control.

At Aer industries, we offer the greenhouse air circulation fans and dehumidifiers that management needs to preserve the delicate environments they create. When you choose Aer Industries for this type of equipment, you’re choosing a source that offers only products of the highest quality — equipment that delivers long-term value.

Greenhouse Air Movers

Portable Dehumidifiers for Greenhouses


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Climate Control in Greenhouses

Greenhouses are ecosystems unto themselves, places where management can manipulate the environment by adjusting the amount of sunlight or nutrients plants receive, as well as other elements. Without quality climate control, the ecosystem will fall apart, and the plants inside will be lost.

But experienced greenhouse managers know the many things that can be done to make small adjustments to a greenhouse’s climate. Portable equipment like dehumidifiers for greenhouses and commercial air movers allow managers to provide focused attention on problem areas within the greenhouse. This might include spaces that aren’t getting proper air flow or that need reduced humidity for optimal growing conditions.

Portable drying equipment like greenhouse air circulation fans and dehumidifiers can also help fight against the development of mold. When you’re working on creating that delicate ecosystem within a greenhouse, mold can be a challenging intruder. Make sure you have the right equipment to fight back against mold and to create the ideal ecosystem for your needs.

Find the Air Mover and Dehumidifier Options You Require

At Aer Industries, air movers and commercial dehumidifiers are two of our specialties. As with all of our products, we choose to carry only items that meet the highest quality standards and that deliver the right performance over the long-term.

Our air movers include units that offer different horsepower levels. Many on the lower end of the horsepower scale are also compact, which makes them perfect for slipping into hard-to-reach spaces within a greenhouse. On the higher end of the horsepower scale, you’ll find options that can create a higher volume of airflow within your greenhouse if that’s what’s needed. Also, these different commercial fans options come with a number of varying features, including positioning options, speeds, daisy chain capability and much more.

We also offer a wide range of dehumidifiers for greenhouses, a selection that gives you options as you search for the perfect solution. You’ll find compact dehumidifiers perfect for easily transporting and positioning where you need them. Our variety of dehumidifiers also includes different performance levels, including options that offer a range of water removal capabilities.

Aer Industries: For All Your Portable Climate Control Equipment Needs

At Aer Industries, we’re proud to serve commercial greenhouses as well as professionals in a number of other service industries. We are committed to providing a large selection of only the best equipment available, including greenhouse air circulation fans, commercial air movers, dehumidifiers for greenhouses, and much more. Greenhouse climate control is too important to leave to just any equipment. Make sure you’re getting the most for your investment when you choose tools and equipment from Aer Industries.


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