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Commercial Drying Equipment

Commercial drying equipment is important to so many different industries and service jobs. Budget, quality, reliability, and durability are key factors in commercial drying equipment purchasing decisions. Industrial air movers, air scrubbers and industrial dehumidifiers are often asked to perform in challenging environments. They are left to run overnight or for days at a time, and discount products that fail to meet high-quality standards often aren’t up to the challenges of this type of work.

When you’re looking for commercial drying equipment, Aer Industries offers a wide range of high-quality commercial drying equipment at affordable s.

Industries We Serve

At Aer Industries, we offer a vast selection of different types of commercial drying equipment. This equipment is used in a number of different industries, including:


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Many of our customers work in fire and water damage restoration. These damage restoration pros bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to their work, but having the right tools and equipment highly affects their ability to deliver outstanding results. Water damage restoration professionals need the in commercial air movers and dehumidifiers, and fire damage restoration professionals rely heavily on HEPA air scrubbers to remove harmful particles from the environments where they work.

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Mold Remediation

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Mold can be a scary thing as it’s both damaging to a home or business as well as harmful to the health of the people who live or work in those spaces. Industry professionals use exact processes and reliable tools to get results, and those tools often include HEPA air scrubbers that remove harmful particles from the environment. Mold remediation professionals also rely on air movers and commercial dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture that may be causing the mold in the first place.

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Janitorial and Sanitation

Air mover sanitation equipment

Janitorial and sanitation workers are often responsible for ensuring facilities are both clean and safe. Among the many tools and different types of equipment they depend on are powerful air movers that can with difficult drying projects. These air movers can be used to clean up after spills or ensure slick surfaces remain free from moisture on humid days.

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Commercial Greenhouses

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Commercial greenhouses can’t operate without dehumidifiers and air circulation to assist with climate control. Industrial dehumidifiers and commercial air movers can provide the perfect solution to portable climate control, in addition to integrated automated climate control systems. These portable pieces of equipment allow you to get the drying power and airflow right where you need it, when you need it.

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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming equipment

High-quality pet grooming demands specialized tools, and that’s exactly what we offer through our selection of high-powered pet drying blowers. These dryers are specially designed to be safe for use on pets.

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Industry Resources

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Explore our online resources on equipment maintenance, making equipment purchasing decisions, industry updates and more.

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Choose Aer Industries for All Your Commercial Drying Equipment

So many industries rely on powerful drying tools, and we are proud to serve each of those industries with high-quality products that service professionals do their work. Whether you work in water or fire damage restoration, pet grooming, janitorial services, or another line of work, make sure you’re getting the in tools and equipment that are up to the job.

At Aer Industries, we’re also committed to providing value in addition to quality. We know our customers are often running businesses and managing budgets, which is why we make our products available at the most affordable s possible. When you choose Aer Industries as your provider, you’re picking a source of equipment that delivers both long-term performance and value.

See our selection of commercial drying equipment, and find the products you need for your work.