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No two water damage restoration jobs are exactly alike. Your business is unique, and you need unique solutions and equipment to provide outstanding results for your own customers. At Aer Industries, we are your source for water damage restoration equipment and the tools you need to help your commercial customers get their buildings, structures and facilities back in full working order.

To ensure that you have the best possible options, we offer industrial packs that include different combinations of commercial air movers, commercial dehumidifiers and other equipment from leading industry brands. This way you can get the variety of equipment you need at wholesale prices.



Mixed Restoration Equipment Packs

Mixed Equipment Packages

Unless you are working only one job at a time or it is a very small project, you will likely require several pieces of equipment at a time to complete your restoration jobs. At Aer Industries, we make it easier for your operation to get the equipment you need by providing you with the flexibility to purchase bulk equipment in our mixed packs. These water restoration and dry out equipment packages contain various combinations of commercial air movers, commercial dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

When you buy one of our mixed equipment packages, you will save both money and time. We use our industry expertise to design commercial dehumidifier and air mover packages to meet the needs of small and growing restoration businesses as well as established large-scale operations. If you are just starting out, a small mixed package can save you money on the equipment you need, while a larger package can help you equip a larger business for expansion. Free U.S. shipping from Aer Industries will add to your savings.

Restoration Equipment Packages

Basic equipment for restoration professionals includes air movers, commercial dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. On many types of jobs, these pieces of equipment are used together to restore the property in conjunction with other tools of the trade. Commercial-grade equipment ensures the most efficient process of removing moisture and contaminants from the air.

Restoration equipment packages make it convenient to buy the combination of equipment you need:

1. CP-1 Contractor Pack

The CP-1 Pack combines a dehumidifier with two different sizes of air movers by B-Air®. The Vantage VG 1500 dehumidifier is a powerful piece of commercial equipment that uses refrigerant to draw moisture out of the air at a rate of 76 PPD at AHAM. On mold and water remediation jobs, the Vent VP-33 air mover is ideal. It combines industrial strength and durability with portability and can be daisy-chained for larger jobs. This pack also includes the Vent VP-25 air mover, perfect for drying carpets and floors after cleaning, one of the final steps in your restoration work.

The B-Air® CP-1 equipment pack includes:

  • 2 VP-25 air movers
  • 8 VP-33 air movers
  • 1 VG-1500 dehumidifier

For a total of 11 units.

B-Air CP-1 Pack

2. CP-1X Contractor Pack

For the CP-1X Pack, in addition to the equipment included in the CP-1 pack, we also include an air scrubber, essential equipment for mold remediation jobs.

The B-Air® RA 650 HEPA has up to three filtration stages, including a HEPA filter. This air scrubber filters mold spores and other particulates in the air after mold growth, flooding or fire. It is an important piece of equipment for anyone working in the restoration industry.

The B-Air® CP-1X restoration pack includes:

  • 2 VP-25 air movers
  • 8 VP-33 air movers
  • 1 VG-1500 dehumidifier
  • 1 RA-650 HEPA air scrubber

3. CP-2 Contractor Pack

Building on the strength of the CP-1 Pack, the CP-2 increases the drying power with a stronger dehumidifier to meet the needs of restoration professionals who may handle larger flood clean-up projects.

The LGR 2200 unit can take more than 25 gallons of water out of the air, works under extreme temperatures and is still easily portable to and from the job site. The VP-25 and VP-33 air movers also included in the CP-2Pack can work to help circulate the air for more efficient moisture removal. The VP-33 can be daisy chained to cover large areas, while the VP-25 provides just enough air movement to dry carpets and other flooring surfaces.

The B-Air® CP-2 contractor pack includes:

  • 2 VP-25 air movers
  • 8 VP-33 air movers
  • 1 LGR-2200 LGR dehumidifier

Making a total of 11 powerful units.

4. CP-2X Contractor Pack

Just like the CP-1X, in the CP-2X we’ve added the RA-650 HEPA air scrubber. This piece of equipment is essential for removing lingering odors and toxins from the air. The site of a water or fire emergency is not truly restored until it smells clean. Those remaining smoky or musty odors can create poor health conditions. The RA-650 HEPA uses two filtration stages to remove harmful particulates from the air.

The B-Air® CP-2X includes everything from the CP-2 Pack, plus one RA-650 HEPA air scrubber:

  • 2 VP-25 air movers
  • 8 VP-33 air movers
  • 1 LGR-2200 LGR dehumidifier
  • 1 RA-650 HEPA air scrubber

5. Pro Pack 1 Equipment Pack

Combining commercial quality equipment from BlueDri™, Aer Industries brings you amazing drying power in the Pro Pack 1. The BD-130 Commercial Dehumidifier is able to remove 130 PPD at AHAM, so it is both powerful and efficient. It is also portable and durable, with its rotomolded polyethylene housing, tough wheels and sturdy handle. The Pro Pack 1 also includes the BlueDri™ One-29 air mover. This model has three speeds and three blower positions to provide maximum flexibility for any job.

You can daisy-chain four of these air mover units together safely, and the 25-foot power cord makes configuring your equipment on the job site convenient.

The BlueDri™ Pro Pack 1 includes:

  • 10 One-29 air movers
  • 1 BD-130 dehumidifier

For a total of 11 units of BlueDri™ equipment.

6. Pro Pack 2 Equipment Pack

The addition of a BlueDri™ air scrubber makes the Pro Pack 2 a complete set of professional restoration equipment. The BlueDri™ Air shield 550 HEPA air scrubber removes particles from the air as small as 0.3 microns due to its HEPA filtration system, making it ideal for cleaning soot, mold spores, pet dander, drywall dust and other contaminants from your job site. The BlueDri™ AS-550 offers three stages of filtration, including a HEPA filter in the final stage.

The BlueDri™ Pro Pack 2 includes:

  • 10 One-29 air movers
  • 1 BD-130 dehumidifier
  • 1 AS-550 HEPA air scrubber

7. Pro Pack 4 Restoration Equipment Package

The Pro Pack 4 increases the power of the Pro Pack 2 by volume, including twice as many air movers and dehumidifiers in one mixed pack. Meeting the equipment needs of large and growing restoration companies, our largest mixed pack of BlueDri™ industrial restoration equipment includes 23 units for large commercial jobs or handling multiple smaller projects at once.

The BlueDri™ Pro Pack 4 equipment package includes:

  • 20 One-29 air movers
  • 2 BD-130 dehumidifiers
  • 1 AS-550 HEPA air scrubber

BlueDri Pro Pack 4

8. Resto Max 1 Equipment Package

This is another mixed pack of BlueDri™ equipment for your professional restoration business. The BD-76P dehumidifier features high-tech design and 76 PPD moisture removal at AHAM. Portability is increased with semi-pneumatic wheels and a sturdy handle. Storage between jobs is also easy with the two-high stacking capability of these units.

Additionally, the Resto Max 1 pack includes the One-29 lightweight air mover that can be stored stacked three high. It features the strongest power with a low-amp draw, and four of these units can be daisy-chained together. We also include the AS-550 HEPA air scrubber from BlueDri™ for mold remediation and fire restoration. It removes airborne contaminants with three stages of filtration.

The Resto Max 1 mixed equipment pack includes:

  • 8 One-29 air movers
  • 1 BD-76P dehumidifier
  • 1 AS-550 HEPA air scrubber and eight One-29 air movers

9. Resto Max 2 Equipment Pack

The Resto Max 2 Pack nearly doubles the work capacity of the Resto Max 1.

For large commercial jobs or to grow your restoration business, this mixed equipment pack includes:

  • 16 One-29 air movers
  • 2 BD-76P dehumidifiers
  • 1 AS-550 HEPA air scrubber

10. Resto Pack 1 Package

This pack of eight air movers and one dehumidifier from BlueDri™ can jump start your restoration business or help you replace old equipment. The BlueDri™ One-29 air movers are versatile and durable with 25 feet of power cord each. Daisy chain up to four units together safely with the low energy draw of this efficient unit. Separately, they can move air across flooring surfaces to decrease drying time or fit into small spaces for increased airflow.

The BlueDri™ BD-76P dehumidifier is the perfect companion piece to these air movers. The BD-76P can extract up to 76 PPD AHAM on your job site and is designed to run for days at a time.

The BlueDri™ Resto Pack 1 includes:

  • 8 One-29 air movers
  • 1 BD-76P dehumidifiers

11. Resto Pack 2 Package

This mixed equipment pack is the equivalent of the Resto Pack 1 time two. In the Resto Pack 2, you get:

  • 16 One-29 air movers
  • 2 BlueDri™ BD-76P dehumidifiers

Enough equipment to run multiple small restoration jobs simultaneously or take on a larger one.

12. Resto Pack 3 Package

The BlueDri™ Resto Pack 3 quadruples your drying power for big commercial restoration jobs. This mixed equipment pack includes:

  • 60 One-29 air movers
  • 4 BD-76P dehumidifiers

With the BlueDri™ Resto Pack 3, you will always have back up equipment available and easy to transport to your next job site.

At Aer Industries, we use our expertise to put together mixed equipment packs for your restoration business. Our inventory of mixed packages reflects the needs of the industries we serve. There are large and small packages available for different sized restoration companies, those seeking to replace worn out equipment and businesses planning to grow in the immediate future.

Benefits of Buying Mixed Equipment Packages for Restoration

Buying flood damage drying and restoration equipment in mixed packs provide a variety of benefits, such as:

1. Getting the Equipment for a Variety of Job Types All at Once

With one purchase, you can acquire equipment that can be used in multiple configurations, either on a large job site or on several smaller projects simultaneously. We have ensured the commercial equipment in our mixed packs is of the highest quality.

Bulk Drying Equipment

Our bulk dry out equipment packages have what you need to help you jump-start a new restoration business, maintain a thriving, established operation or grow into a larger company.

2. Less Time Spent on Purchasing Equipment

Searching for each dehumidifier, air mover and air scrubber you need takes time. When you purchase a mixed pack from Aer Industries, we have done that work for you. Our packs contain the top equipment restoration businesses of any size need, and our large inventory of equipment combinations ensures you can find what you require.

3. Lower Costs

Saving time will save you money, but so will purchasing mixed water restoration equipment packages from Aer Industries. Our package pricing includes a bulk discount rate, so your cost per unit is far less than if you had to buy each one individually.

It does not matter whether your restoration business is a small or large operation. When you buy mixed equipment packs from Aer Industries, you can be sure you are getting the best equipment at the best price.

In your restoration business, your equipment works together to get the job done. Aer Industries cooperates with you by creating mixed equipment packs that save you time and money.

Partner with Aer Industries

We have the industry knowledge to help you buy the right equipment to scale your business. Whether you are just starting out or ready to expand, our staff understands the issues you face in choosing equipment and having the right items on hand when new jobs come in. We are also experts in the field who can help you determine your equipment needs — we can show you how to combine different pieces of equipment for the most efficient outcome.

We know you want to impress your customers with the efficiency of your work and the attention to detail for lasting restoration success. We take customer service that seriously in our job, too. The helpful staff at Aer Industries is here when you need us to answer questions. We want to partner with you in growing your restoration business.

Aer Industries Expertise

Our primary expertise is in commercial restoration equipment, and we only offer industrial equipment that is durable, portable and economical to purchase and run. You can be sure when you buy equipment from Aer Industries, it is from a leading brand in the industry and represents the rugged quality you need in your day to day work.

Contact us today to benefit from our expertise, experience excellent customer service and explore our bulk buying options.