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Industrial Packs

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No two water damage restoration jobs are exactly alike. Your business is unique, and you need unique solutions and equipment to provide outstanding results for your own customers. At Aer Industries, we are your source for water damage restoration equipment and the tools you need to help your commercial customers get their buildings, structures and facilities back in full working order.

To ensure that you have the best possible options, we offer industrial packs that include different combinations of commercial air movers, commercial dehumidifiers and other equipment from leading industry brands. This way you can get the variety of equipment you need at wholesale prices.


Making the Most of Your Investment

When you run a business, there is a constant battle with the bottom line. High-quality equipment is an absolute necessity when providing a service like property restoration, but how can you be sure you are getting the greatest return on your investment?

That is where industrial packs from Aer Industries offer tremendous value. These industrial packs offer different suites of equipment – a bulk buying option that also offers variety – which allows us to offer them at a tremendous discount over what it would take to purchase each piece individually. Many of our restoration professional customers need more than just one commercial air mover, commercial dehumidifier or other piece of equipment, and these industrial packs allow them to get the tools they need while enjoying significant savings.

The Best Equipment From the Best Brands

At Aer Industries, we are also committed to ensuring you get quality with each purchase. That is why you will only find equipment from leading manufacturers in our selection. Browse through our industrial packs to find equipment from BlueDri™, B-Air®, Soleaire® and other top manufacturers. These are trusted names that deliver quality products you can count on. We want to ensure you get the quality and durability you want, need and expect from an investment in equipment, and that commitment is reflected in the quality of brands we carry.

A Variety of Packs to Meet Your Needs

Search through our industrial packs and you will be overwhelmed by the variety in the selection. You can find a vast number of different compositions that include dehumidifiers, air movers, axial fans and much more. Your work is unique, and so are your equipment needs. Trust Aer Industries as your provider of commercial water damage restoration equipment.

For Water Damage Restoration and More

While we often work with water damage restoration professionals, we also work with a wide range of service providers and organizations that require high-quality air movers, dehumidifiers and more — companies like janitorial services, commercial greenhouses, and many others. No matter your line of work, the need for quality equipment at affordable prices is ever-present.

Let us be your source for the equipment you need at prices that deliver value to your budget. Take a look at our industrial packs and find the right combination for your janitorial service, water damage restoration company, commercial greenhouse, or any other organization that might need the best in air movers, dehumidifiers and other equipment.

Why Aer Industries?

We choose to offer industrial packs because we have found them to be an efficient way to meet the needs of our customers. Check back and take a look at our selection often, we are always adding new industrial equipment packages that offer both quality and savings. We carry only the newest developments and latest industry innovations, so that our selection represents the best in restoration equipment.

We are committed to serving you with a large selection of quality equipment available at affordable prices. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer service team for expert guidance as you navigate our inventory.