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Chapter 9: Safety Tips for Fire Damage Remediation

When on the job, the safety of the remediation professional is just as essential as the property owner. Fire damage remediation can be a difficult and dangerous job, so it’s important to follow restoration safety rules and industry practices at all times.

Observe OSHA Confined Spaces Rule

OSHA states that a small space must meet acceptable entry conditions. Additionally, the worker who enters the space must have certain safeguards in place. Crawl spaces and attics are the two small, confined areas professionals may encounter in your home.

Proper Safety Gear

When doing any restoration project, it’s important to wear proper safety gear. This equipment includes eye protection, respiratory protection and gloves. In some cases, professionals may need to wear protective clothing to protect their skin from hazardous materials.

It is especially important to wear proper respiratory gear when working at a fire restoration site because there are many contaminants and dangerous particles that could be airborne, in addition to the carbon from smoke and soot.

Be Aware of the Dangers

When a fire occurs, some materials don’t burn cleanly. Smoke and soot is produced from these waste products and may contain hazardous chemicals. Soot particles are airborne and can be absorbed into the skin and eyes, or they can be inhaled or ingested through the nose or mouth. When soot enters your bloodstream, it can cause shortness of breath, respiratory issues, stroke, cancer and even death.

These dangers are just a few of the reasons fire damage restoration jobs should only be handled properly and safely by professionals. As a homeowner, you should never try to attempt a restoration process of any kind.

Any restoration expert you speak with prior to the evaluation of your home will clearly inform you of any actions you can safely take as you wait for them to arrive.

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