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Chapter 6: Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

Contacting a fire damage restoration contractor after a wildfire is one of the most important steps you can take.

While there are some measures you can take to clean up after fire damage and preliminary checklist steps you can take to mediate categories 1, 2 and 3 water damage if water damage is a result of the fire, you shouldn’t try to restore your property and clean up after a fire on your own. There are too many dangers that make it a risky job.

Water damage is assessed based on three categories and four classes.

Category 1 water damage comes from freshwater sources, such as sprinklers or supply lines — it typically doesn’t pose a risk to humans or animals. Categories 2 and 3 are defined by water that’s contaminated in some way and is unfit for human consumption. Category 2 means biological or chemical contamination and Category 3 contamination is more serious — water in this category is often full of harmful bacteria from sewage. Categories 1 and 2 can progress to Category 3 if not remediated.

The classification system associated with water damage ranges from Class 1 to Class 4. The classes define the level of clean-up and remediation needed, with Class 4 being the most serious.

Hire a Fire Damage Restoration Company

A fire damage restoration contractor has experience repairing homes after disaster has struck. The professional will know the important safety practices to observe to reduce the risk to themselves, your family and your property.

The contractor will clean up your damaged property and remove items as needed to begin restoring the premises back to how they were before the fire. This action includes anything in your home from flooring materials to structural components.

The expert can also repair the structure of your home and ensure it is safe for your family to move back in the home.

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