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Conventional Dehumidifiers

Water damage restoration work is no walk in the park. It is hard work for you, and you need hard-working equipment that can help you create outstanding results.

At Aer Industries, we offer conventional dehumidifiers and similar products that are proven to help water damage restoration professionals like you achieve the results your customers want and need. These dehumidifiers are made by trusted industry names, and they are available in a wide variety of capabilities. Your work is unique, and you deserve a unique product that makes your work life as easy as possible. This is why we offer industry-leading dehumidifiers and similar products that get the job done.

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A Commitment to Quality

When you make an investment in conventional dehumidifiers or a portable dehumidifier, you need long-term performance that creates value and a strong return on investment. At Aer Industries, we choose to offer only conventional dehumidifiers and refrigerant dehumidifiers of the highest quality, because we’re committed to delivering the value and return on investment your business requires.

You can find bargain basement dehumidifiers from off-brand providers, but you won’t find the same assurance of quality as what you’ll find at Aer Industries.

Tough, Rugged Equipment for Commercial Spaces

Your work takes place in tough industrial and commercial spaces, and you need equipment that can withstand the bumps and bruises that are sure to emerge from these rugged environments. We have curated a selection of portable dehumidifier and conventional dehumidifier options that represent toughness. We don’t offer delicate dehumidifiers because we know they wouldn’t do you much good as you work day in, day out in tough commercial spaces.

When you want dehumidifiers that can take a beating and keep on performing, you want dehumidifiers from Aer Industries.

The Best Brands in the Business

In order to ensure you are getting quality, we only offer dehumidifiers from leading industry brands. In our selection of conventional dehumidifiers, you will find products from BlueDri®, B-Air® and others — trusted names that offer a track record of success in meeting the needs of commercial water damage restoration professionals. Again, you can find “off brands” from other providers, but you won’t enjoy the same assurance of long-term durability and performance.

Get the most for your money when you choose dehumidifiers made by top brands like B-Air®, BlueDri® and others sold through Aer Industries.

Take Your Dehumidifier Anywhere

When you are on tough water damage restoration jobs, your work often takes you up stairs, into crawl spaces and across large commercial and industrial spaces to areas that are hard to reach. That is why we emphasize portability when curating our selection of conventional dehumidifiers.

These products are just as lightweight as they are tough, and each can be carried or moved by a single person. This means you won’t struggle to get your conventional dehumidifier where you need it to go. Make sure you can take your equipment wherever it’s needed when you choose from among portable dehumidifier options at Aer Industries.

Find the Product With the Capabilities You Need

Not all dehumidifiers are created equal. Some are heavier than others or more expensive that others, and some remove moisture from the air more efficiently under different conditions than others. Our selection includes conventional dehumidifiers that offer a wide variety of capabilities. Browse through our selection and find the conventional dehumidifier or portable dehumidifier that offers the capabilities you most need from water damage restoration equipment.

The Aer Industries Advantage

At Aer Industries, we are your source for high-quality water damage restoration equipment that helps you get the job done. Find what you need in our vast selection, or contact or customer service team for guidance. We are always here to support you and help make sure you get the equipment you need. Need equipment in bulk? Check out our Industrial Mix Packs or our Wholesale Pack options.