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Effective water damage restoration efforts must go beyond removing the water from the area. It is also imperative to remove the accumulated moisture from floors and walls. Any retained water will cause drywall and other building materials to warp and can lead to the growth of damaging mold.

A powerful, efficient dehumidifier is an essential piece of equipment in any water damage restoration professional’s arsenal. Using a dehumidifier after water removal will thoroughly dry out the area, including the moisture in hard-to-reach areas within floors, walls and furniture.

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Aer Industries: Your Source for a Portable Industrial Dehumidifier

Aer Industries is your one-stop headquarters for industrial-grade portable dehumidifiers that will enable fast, thorough drying and prevent warping, swelling and mold damage to floors and walls. We offer the innovative BlueDri BD-LGR75C, a compact commercial dehumidifier that is specifically designed and built for use in water damage restoration and construction projects, as well as other industrial environments.

The BD-LGR75C compact industrial dehumidifier may be small is size, but it is one of the most powerful machines in its class. It can extract an astounding 75 pints of moisture at AHAM< and 40 pints at 80ºF 40%FH, which is 15 percent more that similar competing models. The BD-LGR75C is also easy to operate — it includes an abundance of user-friendly features such as an automatic water pump, electrical control with auto restart, intuitive temperature sensors and more.

The BD-LGR75C is equipped with wheels and a fold-over handle, making it easy to take this completely portable commercial dehumidifier with you wherever you go. It also includes an industrial roto-molded housing that protects the inner components from damage, ensuring a long and productive lifespan.

BlueDri: A Recognized Water Damage Restoration Equipment Leader

When you purchase a BlueDri portable commercial dehumidifier, you get a high-quality product backed by years of design and manufacturing expertise. BlueDri dehumidifiers are renowned for their high-tech design and superior workmanship, making them a top choice of water damage restoration professionals who demand reliable equipment that can handle their toughest water removal challenges.

Aer Industries Offers the Best Water Damage Restoration Products at Budget-Friendly Prices

As a master BlueDri distributor, Aer Industries is fully capable of providing expert guidance in the selection of BlueDri commercial portable dehumidifiers. We also offer prompt and reliable in-house technical support for every product we sell. We’re available to answer your questions and provide helpful troubleshooting tips so you can maximize the performance of your equipment and keep it in peak operating condition. And if you use portable compact dehumidifiers often, we recommend purchasing the BD-LGR75C 8-pack to get the benefit of wholesale pricing. Free same-day ground shipping is also available within the 48 contiguous United States.

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A great way to learn more about BlueDri commercial portable dehumidifiers is to give the product experts at Aer Industries a call at 855.345.3555 today. You can also get additional technical information by reviewing the product manuals located here on our website.