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Compact Air Movers

Air movers are vital pieces of equipment in many water damage restoration projects. Upon the removal of standing water from the premises, an air mover will push up to the surface any remaining water that’s trapped in floor crevices or carpet fibers to allow more thorough drying to occur. While air dryers are often used for drying larger rooms, mini air movers are also available that work well in smaller, more confined areas.

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When Do You Need a Compact Air Mover?

An air mover is a great tool for drying dampened areas. They are widely used in commercial and industrial projects, particularly in water damage restoration and carpet cleaning.

Drying surfaces fast and efficiently is crucial to minimize water damage on building materials, reduce humidity in the building, and lower the risk of mold build-up.

Professional-grade air movers are huge and expensive that they are not advisable for home use.

Fortunately, compact air movers are available for minor water damage problems that homeowners prefer to address on their own.

Apart from drying, small air movers can be used for other purposes, such as:

  • Cooling – mini air movers are similar to fans and can be used to ventilate humid work areas. They can be directed on surfaces or objects that are likely to get hot when being worked on.
  • Blowing dust and debris – because portable air movers circulate air at speeds, they can be used to blow debris, dust, leaves and other unwanted particles in the work area – giving the worker a cleaner and more conducive space.
  • Removing fumes – air movers make a very helpful tool during a fire damage cleanup. Fire produces unpleasant and even harmful fumes. This device can direct such fumes out of the house or work area.

Mini Air Mover AdvantagesWhat are the Advantages of Using Mini Air Movers?

Industrial air movers make a powerful tool for any restoration job.

But mini air mover is an excellent device too and have some unique advantages that make it very useful, especially for home and light commercial use.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry. Even professional water restoration specialists make use of small air movers particularly on residential projects because of their portability. Air movers might be used in various parts of a home or building. Having a portable air mover makes drying easy and convenient.
  • Easy to operate. Compact air movers feature functionality minus the complex bells and whistles you will find in industrial air movers.
  • Can be used to dry tight and narrow spaces. Their compact size allows them to get into areas and spaces that big air movers cannot reach. This is a very important advantage because most of the time, moisture is high in such areas.
  • Easy to store. Homeowners who don’t have a lot of space can greatly benefit from investing on a compact air mover.

Which are Mini Air Mover Variables

Mini air movers come in varying designs and capabilities.

Some are more lightweight than the others. Some have wheels on the back with a stroller-like handle so there is no need for you to carry them.

There are models that are very small but have features similar to their bigger counterparts.

Selecting the portable blower fan for your home should depend on how and where you are likely to use it the most.  

Modern compact air movers have variable speed settings. They are considered the ‘premium’ type because they offer additional benefits, such as:

  • Better humidity control
  • Better air quality control
  • Precisely adjusts to maintain a steady speed

How to Use a Portable Air MoverHow to Use a Portable Air Mover

Portable air movers are very easy to use. There are no complex buttons or settings, unlike industrial air movers.

Most models only feature a knob, a carrying handle, and a power cord.

There are different makes and models of portable air movers, but they should be operated through the following simple steps:

  • Plug the air mover to a power outlet. Most devices have a long cord (usually 12 feet) which enables you to reach farther areas.
  • Position the air mover at any angle you desire. It can be used to dry carpet and floors, as well as ceilings and walls.
  • Turn the machine on by selecting your desired speed setting. Usually, air movers come in three-speed settings.
  • The machine is ready to be used.


Best Small Air Movers

When shopping around for the best small air movers, it is worth considering the following factors:

  • Brand – among the leading brands of air movers is B-AIR®. Always read reviews from other customers who have tried a specific brand, type and model to help you decide which one is perfect for your home.
  • Motor size and speed – most small air movers feature three-speed settings. Having multiple speed settings gives you flexibility as to your drying requirement. Remember, some household projects require more drying time and power (such as water-damaged carpets) and others can dry easily even when there’s less air. Speaking of power, air mover motors range from ¼- to 1-horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the higher its capability but the noisier it will be.
  • AMP draw – if you need to use multiple pieces of equipment together, you should consider the machine’s amp power. Lower amp units are best if you’re looking to stack units. You will also benefit from lower amp unit when there aren’t many electrical outlets in your home.

Aer Industries Can Handle All Your Portable Air Mover Needs

If you’re looking for a reliable portable air mover at an affordable price, look no further than Aer Industries. We feature portable air movers from B-Air, including:

  • Flex-F1 Mini: The Flex F1-Mini is a compact yet powerful portable air mover that’s ideally suited for smaller areas such as closets, or underneath drop ceiling panels. It also gives you the flexibility for placement at three different angles for a highly targeted drying approach. The 1/4 hp motor delivers a surprising amount of power, while pushing only 2.6 amps.

This portable air mover weighs only 12 lbs., which means it won’t be a burden to carry it to and from the worksite. The 12-foot cord provides enough length when using it in smaller rooms and other confined spaces. The Flex-F1 Mini is constructed from durable, high-quality materials, ensuring dependable performance and a long product lifespan.

  • VP-25 Compact: The VP-25 Compact portable air mover is perfectly designed and constructed for use in hard-to-reach areas such as crawlspaces and cabinets. The enclosed 1/4 hp, 3-speed motor delivers powerful drying performance. The unit pulls only 2.1 amps, enabling you to connect up to five units safely via Daisy Chain with just one electrical outlet.

This can provide a faster and more dynamic drying effect. At only 11 lbs., the VP-25 offers a lightweight, portable air mover option you can easily take with you from one job site to another, eliminating the need to carry heavier, bulkier units.

The air dryer comes with a 10-foot power cord for maximum placement flexibility in smaller areas.

B-Air: A Respected Water Damage Restoration Equipment Manufacturer for More Than a Decade

Aer Industries is a master distributor of B-Air water damage restoration equipment for commercial and industrial applications. B-Air has been providing responsive solutions for professionals such as water damage restoration companies and janitorial services for over a decade.

All B-Air products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in accordance with the most stringent quality control standards.

Aer Industries: A Trusted Supplier of Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Our insistence on selling only high-quality equipment, such as B-Air portable air movers, has made Aer Industries one of the most respected suppliers of water damage restoration equipment in the United States. We back every piece of equipment we sell with unparalleled product expertise and top-notch, in-house technical support.

In addition, many of our products are available in wholesale packs, helping you get the biggest bang for your restoration equipment buck.

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