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Industrial Carpet Drying Air Movers & Blowers

One of the biggest challenges in the wake of a water damage-related event, such as a flood or a broken plumbing pipe, is drying waterlogged carpets. It is imperative to dry the carpeting as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, since even a small amount of moisture can promote the growth of mold and mildew. Simply allowing the carpet to dry on its own will not be sufficient — it takes the use of specialized drying equipment to speed up the process.

The use of commercial carpet dryer blowers and fans will provide the air circulation and targeted air flow that’s necessary to achieve thorough drying. For best results, you should allow the air movers to operate on a 24/7 basis for up to a week after the carpet appears to be completely dried inside and out. This ensures that no trapped moisture is remaining in the carpeting or padding.

Aer Industries Can Provide the Right Industrial Carpet Drying Fan for the Job

Aer Industries is a leading supplier of industrial floor drying fans that will allow you to dry your carpets and floors in the shortest amount of time. We feature a wide selection of top-performing water damage restoration equipment from BlueDri, including the highly effective BlueDri Jetster Air Mover.

The Jetster is a powerful 1/3 hp, 3-speed commercial carpet dryer you can position at three different angles to provide the high precision drying you need. The Jetster produces enough drying force for your most demanding applications.

The Jetster features a low 2.9 amp draw, allowing you to safely link up to four units via Daisy Chain connectivity. The 25-foot power cord offers plenty of length for drying in larger rooms and open areas. This carpet drying fan is built with durable industrial roto-molded housing to protect the motor from damage. The Jetster weighs only 27 lbs. and can be stacked three-high for convenient storage.

Aer Industries: A Proud BlueDri Master Distributor

Aer Industries is proud to offer an extensive selection of BlueDri water damage restoration products. BlueDri is one of the most respected names in industrial carpet drying fans and dehumidifiers due to their innovative design, solid construction, unrivaled performance and easy portability. You can count on your BlueDri carpet drying air mover to give you many years of reliable service.

You Can Trust the Experts at Aer Industries

When you buy carpet dryers from Aer Industries, you get access to a high level of product expertise and in-house technical support to ensure you can maximize the performance of your equipment and keep it in peak operating condition. Many of our products are also available in wholesale packs, allowing you to take advantage of bulk purchasing to minimize your water damage restoration equipment costs.

Contact Us to Learn More About BlueDri Floor Blowers

Feel free to give the water damage restoration equipment experts at Aer Industries a call at 855-345-3555 for more information about BlueDri carpet drying fans today!