The Basic Things You Need to Know Before Getting an Air Scrubber or Air Purifier September 1, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

For people who are almost always indoors, we might think that the air we breathe in is cleaner than the air that goes into our lungs when we’re outside. After all, that’s where all the emissions of cars and factories are, right? But it turns out it might not be correct in some cases. While that is mostly true for some people living in highly urbanized places, studies have shown that the air indoors could be as much as 5 times dirtier than the air outdoors.

The reason for this? The lack of proper ventilation in closed spaces.

Fortunately, there are already technologies available to address the problem brought by the lack of proper ventilation inside the house. Some of the air-cleaning devices that are widely used nowadays are air scrubbers and air purifiers.

In this article, we’ll look into these two devices just to help you understand better their differences and advantages in various living situations.

What’s an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are devices that remove the contaminants in the air to improve the air quality of a room. For it to work, it needs a fan that sucks the air in and some multiple filters that capture the particles and air pollutants.

Most air purifiers are good at filtering dust and any particles from the air—thanks to its ionizer. The ionizer functions as a magnet for all these air pollutants so that particles get eliminated from the air. Since these filters are designed only to filter particles from the air, harmful gases like VOCs could still settle in the air even with an air purifier.

So the question is: do air purifiers work? In a way, yes, it does. It still does its job in creating a fresher and cleaner atmosphere in your homes but only to a certain degree. For bigger spaces, you might need a bigger and more complex air purifying system to clean out the air around.

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What Is an Air Scrubbing Machine?

Just like an air purifier, an air scrubber also filters the indoor air using its unique filtration system. However, unlike air purifiers, an air scrubber does a better job in filtering out harmful gases and chemicals from the air within an enclosed space.

These machines seized airborne particles and passed them through a series of filters to remove even the smallest of contaminants. To put it simply, air scrubbers are comparably bigger machines that do more than filtering out dust and particles.

The size of air scrubbers also actually differ with its intended purpose and the range and type of contaminants that must be purified in the area.

What Are the Best Air Scrubbers You Can Use?

There are a lot of air scrubbers available that still do what it’s promised to achieve. Some of the most common and useful ones are the commercial-grade air scrubbers, HEPA air scrubbers, smoke and odor removal machines, negative air machines, and mold-removal air scrubbers.

It is important to note that air scrubbers are not a cure-all. Thus, the best air filtration machine depends on where you plan to place it and the severity of the contaminants of an area. Thus, research is crucial before deciding on what kind of filtration system to get.

Why Should You Use an Air Scrubber?

If you are constantly in an area where airborne contaminants are very susceptible to grow and multiply, then you might very much need a powerful air scrubber. These filtration machines are extremely helpful in removing odor, molds, and chemical fumes in the air. Because hazardous chemicals can easily settle on furnishings and carpets, it might be harder or even nearly impossible to clean it using air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. That’s where the functionalities of an air scrubber come in. Air scrubbers help to improve the quality of the air and protect the health of those who are occupying even in large indoor areas.

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The Difference Between Air Scrubbers and Air Purifiers

Air purifiers and air scrubbers are both portable air-cleaning devices that remove harmful particles from the air you breathe in. The two devices also share a lot of similar characteristics that some of us often interchange the meaning of these two. But there are key differences involved in their processes and their purposes. Refer to the list below:


  • An air scrubber can remove molds with a HEPA filter. This filtering system can be either a wet or dry scrubber. Wet scrubbers trap harmful particles in the air and let clean air pass through while the dry scrubber gathers the air through a series of filters, which are already powerful enough to remove bacteria and even viruses from the air.
  • An air purifier also has a HEPA filter, though it is not as effective in removing molds and mildews. This filtering system sometimes uses a carbon filter and UV light to disinfect. It also improves air quality by removing dust, pollen, odor, and other small particles in the air.


  • Air scrubbers are used more often in commercial and industrial settings to remove harmful gases.
  • Air purifiers are used more to improve air quality by helping to create a better environment of the room where you are using it.


  • Air scrubbers are generally more expensive due to the better features that are packed with the machine. It costs around $1,000-$2,000 depending on the size of the building and your HVAC system.
  • Air purifiers are cheaper than air scrubbers.


  • Air scrubbers are bulkier and need installation.
  • Air purifiers are portable and can be placed anywhere you want in the house.

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Air Scrubber vs Air Purifier: Which is Better?

As mentioned in the previous section, the air scrubbers and air purifiers almost do the same job. They only differ in extra functions, costs, and operating methods.

To cut your business cost in the long run, we suggest getting an air scrubber for office use because most of these devices are already reasonably priced and the quality delivers long-term usability. These devices also cover a wide range of needs that might be a necessity for the type of working space that you have.

A good air scrubber with the right filters might be the best choice whether it is for home or office use. As mentioned, they are the most expensive but they are also well worth the extra bucks in the long run.

However, the air purifier can still be a good choice especially for families with respiratory issues because air purifiers remove substances that trigger asthma and allergies. With its portability, it is also very suitable for small homes.