Janitorial Services: How Can You Go Green? February 26, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

The movement toward greater environmental friendliness and sustainable practices is sweeping the business world. Many think of the green movement in business as corporate social responsibility, but others simply see it as a way to save a little money and to better serve customers, employees and other stakeholders.

What does it really mean to adopt eco-friendly commercial cleaning practices? In the janitorial world, there are plenty of ways to go green and to ensure your business is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Reasons Why Many Janitorial Services Are Going Green

Why exactly are businesses choosing green cleaning services? The reasons are plentiful, but some of the primary motivators include the following:

  • Air Quality: Running a successful business means taking care of your team members and creating a space where they can do their work. Air quality is a huge part of the health of any work environment, and green cleaning services are an ideal way to improve the quality of air in a facility. This will be a positive factor for both you, your employees and anyone else who frequents the business.
  • Client Preferences: Sometimes your clients and customers want or expect eco-friendliness from their product and service providers. In these cases, choosing green cleaning services is actually a form of marketing — it is a sign to your target market that your interests and values align with their own.
  • Cost Savings: In many cases, green cleaning services can be a way to save money. Even if you do not save on the services themselves, eco-friendly commercial cleaning can better maintain your facility and put off the cost of replacing flooring and making other significant upgrades.
  • Long-Term Planning: Green cleaning services may also be the right thing to do for your business, for any number of reasons. Perhaps your organization is drafting a range of long-term goals, and eco-friendliness is on the list. In these cases, moving to green cleaning services can be a fast and easy step toward achieving those goals.

Tips for Going Green

Are you ready to go green? Here are some eco-friendly cleaning tips to you get started:

  • Create a Policy: No matter how you choose to approach green cleaning services, create a policy that outlines everything one would need to know about your approach to green cleaning. Ensure everyone who needs to can access it as well. This s document what you are trying to do and establishes your goals and principles throughout the organization.
  • Start with Air Quality: One of the greatest threats in any building is poor air quality. If you are looking for a place to start, check your air quality. You may find that the quality of your facility’s air s you make better decisions around other aspects of green cleaning, such as using eco-friendly cleaning materials.
  • Steam Your Carpets: When you have carpet in a building, it is tempting to chemically treat it — chemical-laden carpet cleaners and stain-resistant treatments may not align with an eco-friendly approach to commercial cleaning depending on the products that you choose. Instead, you might try steaming your carpets, which will keep them clean without the chemicals.
  • Use LEED-Certified Cleaners: This one is fairly straightforward and simple. No matter what you use to clean your building, make sure it is LEED-certified. This might be as simple as swapping out the toilet cleaner you use. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a rating system for environmentally friendly products and practices.
  • Check the Furniture: Did you know that aging furniture can be harmful to the health of your team members? In fact, older furniture is sometimes coated with a fire retardant that can break down and pose a cancer risk over time. If you are still using old furniture, consider updating to something new.
  • Turn Down the Heat and Air: The janitorial staff is often responsible for heating and cooling. Make sure the temperature is always set for comfort, but that you are not unnecessarily heating or cooling the building — such as on weekends or on holidays.

This list of tips is by no means exhaustive. When you are choosing to adopt green cleaning services, conduct research specific to your business and what is for your company and your clients.