How to Grow Your Restoration Business January 1, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

There are many reasons why the restoration business is such a growing industry. There’s real demand for restoration services. After floods, hurricanes, fires and other natural events, restoration professionals bring a sense of hope, order and expertise to devastating situations.

While starting and growing a restoration company isn’t easy, there is a great deal of opportunity in the restoration business.

Tips for Growing Your Restoration Business

While there is a growing need for restoration professionals, prospective customers can’t find you without some good, solid marketing and your business can’t grow without the right tools, the right work and the right people. Here are a few restoration business tips to follow to help your operation flourish:

  • Encourage Referrals: Nothing helps grow your business quite like a glowing recommendation from someone a prospective client knows and respects. Find ways to encourage referrals from past customers. You can do this by setting up automated emails that go to your clients shortly after the completion of jobs, and you can also do this in-person. The trick is to set up a schedule or system, so you don’t have to put much thought or effort into it.
  • Buy Wholesale or Bulk Equipment: One of the best restoration business tips is to find value when investing in equipment and tools. You can do this in the restoration business by getting equipment wholesale or in bulk. You can often find reduced rates when you buy wholesale or bulk equipment rather than buying tools one-off.
  • Consider Working With a Third-Party Administrator: A third-party administrator is someone who processes insurance claims. Think about it this way: A TPA is always interacting with people who desperately need restoration services, making them a prime source for work.
  • Consider How You Pay Sub-Contractors: If you utilize sub-contractors in your work and pay them by the hour, consider switching to paying by the job. This prevents contractors from extending jobs longer than necessary in order to make more money off of hours spent. By charging by the job, you control your costs and often speed up the time that it takes for a job to get done, which benefits your clients.
  • Find Valuable Work: As you complete more and more restoration jobs, you will begin to see which jobs pay the best. Are you finding the best restoration industry profit margin comes from mold work or fire damage? Or, perhaps flooding is the best path to profitability for your business. This will often depend on the area that you live in and the cost of resources specific to that area. Whatever it is, become the best in that area and spend more of your time looking for and doing that type of work.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

As with any service, half the battle is having the right equipment. You can save a great deal of money by investing in wholesale or bulk tools and equipment, but you need to make sure you’re investing in quality equipment, too. You need tools that serve as valuable members of your team — equipment you can count on to grow your restoration business, so you can serve more customers.

Find the Right Equipment at Aer Industries

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