How to Grow Your Restoration Business and Attract New Customers January 1, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

There’s definitely a growing demand for the restoration business. For starters, natural calamities have unfortunately damaged homes and enterprises, increasing the need for restoration services. Storms and typhoons of recent years placed water damage and mold remediation as one of the most sought-after services.

But it’s not only those devastated by natural disasters that have driven the growth of the water restoration business. Demand for residential restoration service also grew as home sales picked-up in the last few years.

So, how should a water damage specialist or professional restoration company take advantage of the growing demand for their services? If you want to know how to grow your restoration business then here are some tips and pointers.

How to get more water damage restoration jobs

Naturally, you want to get your share of this booming service industry. But how do you reach out to clients in need of water damage ? Gone are the days when people looking for services would pick up the newspaper to look at the classified ads. This is the day and age of digital, and so your marketing strategy must keep up with the times.

You can start by developing and owning a water restoration company website

restoration business website

Sure, you may spend some time and resources in developing the website for your restoration business. You may even require additional to come up with a professional-looking site for your business. Don’t let the effort and the possible costs deter you from creating a website though.

Keep in mind that your water restoration business’s online presence is a valuable asset. If you’re serious about finding out how to grow your restoration business the way possible, then you will need to understand the value of having a site dedicated to showing to the world what your company can offer.

Your website should provide the information that clients look for. These would include what you do, the services you offer and your contact information.

However, it’s not enough to have a professional-looking website. Naturally, you want potential clients to see it. After all, what’s the point of having a site for your business if people won’t be seeing it anyway?

This is where Search Optimized Engine or more popularly known as SEO comes in. The search engines should be able to identify what you do and who you want them for so they can provide the results to the one searching.

As a water damage restoration service provider, you will need to focus on two things, namely the services you provide and geographic location.

Hence, your website should answer what your company does by providing adequate information on all the services you offer. As for the geographic location, you need to provide your location and the areas you are willing to serve. It is imperative to note down all the areas you cover and its surrounding areas.

Content Marketing To Grow Your Business

content marketing to grow your restoration business

Now that your website is up and running and created with SEO in mind, then it’s time to start with content marketing.

Experts say that content marketing is the online strategy for growing a business. It involves the creation and promotion of content that answers all the frequently asked questions from your possible clients.

The creation of a blog is the way to use content marketing to your advantage. You should come up with blog posts that answer what your target clients ask regarding restoration contractors. This allows clients who go online searching for information about water damage contractors to find your blog and eventually discover your company.

Look at how big firms these days have blogs talking about their businesses and services they offer. Content marketing, after all, lets businesses display their expertise by answering the most common questions potential clients have. It also allows firms to build a relationship with their target market.

Find the right employees

Aside from focusing on selling your water damage restoration company, you should also pay attention closely to your services, particularly on getting the right employees. Keep in mind that your employees are the backbone of your business, and you should only hire those who are experienced and qualified.

Find the right employees for your restoration business

A water damage specialist should know all the aspects of water damage restoration. When looking at applicants make sure they know how to do the following:

Water damage inspection – Your service technicians should know how to check the source of water of the area being inspected as well as how to stop the water source. They should also be able to inspect if the water is contaminated or not.

Identification of water – Your employees must know and identify categories of water damage during the water damage assessment. As most specialists know, the kind of restoration process depends on the type of water contamination. Your next hire should know the white, gray and black water categories.

Water removal and drying – Make sure your employees know how to survey damage thoroughly. This is the only way they can recommend the appropriate restoration steps needed for the property. The water specialist you hire should be able to complete all safety inspections as well.

Water removal arguably is the most physically taxing task of the water restoration process. Make sure your employees know how to use all the water removal and drying equipment needed for the restoration.

Cleaning up and sanitizing – Cleaning up and sanitizing are no easy tasks. One has to know a variety of skills such as odor removal and deodorization and sanitizing treatments. The clean-up and sanitizing parts are important as they could involve mold cleanup as well.

Ideally, you should find employees that are highly knowledgeable and updated with the latest developments and technologies for the water damage restoration process.

It’s undeniable that the water restoration services is a competitive field as more businesses are opening up to cater to the increased demand for these services. However, knowing how to grow your restoration business with the use of digital marketing can surely in getting new clients. Having the right employees, on the other hand, will not only you get more clients but also let you stay in business for a long time.