How to Prevent Damage After a Hurricane December 29, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

Hurricanes are some of the most vicious natural forces in the world, devastating homes and businesses with heavy rains and winds that exceed 100 miles per hour in most cases. Thankfully, given modern technology, we get some advanced notice when hurricanes are heading our way. There are certain precautions you can take if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, and there are even some precautions you can take in the hours before a hurricane arrives where you live or work.

Tips to Prevent Hurricane Damage

Here’s a look at some of the most effective things you can do to prevent or limit hurricane damage:

  • Install Shutters: One advanced tactic you can use to prevent hurricane damage is the installation of shutters. There are specific types of shutters – storm panel, accordion, and Bahama shutters to name a few – that prevent damage and can be on display year-round, or you can find special hurricane shutters that roll down only when needed. Of course, you can’t install shutters as a hurricane is bearing down on your home, so this is something to consider if you live in an area that often deals with hurricanes.
  • Invest in Hurricane Glass: Specially designed hurricane glass can withstand heavy winds and the threat of flying debris, which is common in hurricane-force winds. Again, you likely won’t be able to install hurricane glass as the storm is headed your way, so this is a forward-thinking tactic to consider.
  • Secure Windows and Doors: What do you do to reduce the impact of a hurricane if you haven’t taken measures in advance? You can always use plywood to cover windows, or you can find storm or fabric panels that provide the same type of protection. The last thing you want after a storm is glass throughout your house, or an opening for others to enter your home.
  • Brace Garage Doors: Garage doors are especially prone to hurricane damage given how broad their surfaces are. Invest in special garage door braces that can them withstand the powerful hurricane-force winds. These garage door braces cost far less than it would repair or restore a non-reinforced garage door.
  • Reinforce Roofing: There are two ways to reinforce your roof when you’re wondering how to prepare your house for a hurricane. Make sure gabled roofs are properly reinforced to prevent collapse by nailing the bottoms of trusses. Or, you can invest in hurricane straps that prevent winds from ripping the roof off of your home. Homes are typically designed with the intention of holding roofs up not on, so hurricane straps can keep the roof where it belongs – over your house.
  • Create Flood Barriers: Create a barrier against storm surges by using sandbags, portable walls, water-filled tubes and other devices. These barriers won’t be ful against the highest of storm surges, but they can save your home’s interior from a complete renovation in the case of smaller storm surges. It only takes a little bit of water in your home to require large-scale restoration — and tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.
  • Remove/Elevate Valuables: Much of the damage to homes after a hurricane is to items that could have been removed. Identify your home’s most valuable assets and remove what you can. But remember this: If you’re told to evacuate immediately, leave your stuff behind. No asset is worth risking your own health and safety. Since we often know when and where a hurricane will strike, you can use that time to recover what you can before evacuating.

Recovering After the Storm

There are many ways to prevent damage from hurricanes, but even the most effective preventative measures won’t when the most devastating hurricanes hit. When you experience a hurricane and the considerable damage it leaves behind, you’ll need from the right professional, as well as the right equipment.

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