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Fire damage and water damage restoration are valuable services that many people need in times of emergency and following property damage. That alone should be enough to sustain your restoration business. But water and fire damage restoration are competitive industries that require the development and execution of a solid restoration business plan. That plan should certainly include marketing and outreach.

Unfortunately, most fire and water damage restoration professionals are better at delivering services than marketing them. To you get started with your water or fire damage restoration business, here are seven marketing tips for water damage restoration professionals:

1. Referral Programs

Fire or water damage restoration referral programs are essential. Think about the other companies that someone contacts after a fire or a flood? They will get in touch with insurance agents and similar service providers. You can use referral programs to make sure insurance agents recommend you and your services when speaking to people affected by fire or flood.

Perhaps the way for a homeowner to find a service provider is through a recommendation from someone they trust. Makes sure you’re the company that is getting recommended. You can even offer referral incentives, such as gift cards or a discount on future services.

2. Brochures and Flyers

When someone is affected by fire or flood, they want succinct information on who can them. Make sure you have company literature that describes what you do, how you do it and why you’re better than other restoration options out there.

Once you have this material, you can use it in many different ways. You can mail them to prospective customers, hand them out at events, or keep in your office to share with interested parties.

3. Newsletters

This is a good idea if you work in an area particularly prone to flooding or wildfire. Create an e-newsletter that is always delivering ful information and tips to clients and prospective clients. You can even do a print newsletter if you think it would be more effective — though it would also be more expensive to produce.

Ensure you’re always delivering value — tips and insights that truly your target audience during times of floods and fires. This might include flood or wildfire safety tips or information on what to expect after one of these natural disasters.

4. Social Media

In today’s connected world, you have to be on top of your social media game. Choose the platforms where you think your customers are most likely to be, and you can even run social media advertising that’s relevant during certain times of the year or in certain situations.

Facebook and Twitter allow you to run ads relatively inexpensively, and social media also s your audience share your messages and grow your base of prospective customers.

5. Digital Marketing

Hire a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to your site rise to the top of the search rankings. You should also consider a content marketing strategy as well as pay-per-click ads that can deliver customers looking specifically for your services.

These tactics require an investment, but a solid inbound marketing program can fill your pipeline and keep you so busy that you’ll eventually have to add to your team, which is a good problem to have!

6. Branding

You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to let people know who you are and how they can get in touch with you. Use your company truck, employee uniforms, equipment, email signature and other spaces to let people know what business you’re in and how they can get in touch with you.

You never know when or how someone is going to encounter your brand and turn into a customer. Make sure you don’t miss these hidden opportunities.

7. Seasonal and Disaster Plans

You know floods and wildfires will eventually strike. It’s important to have a plan before they do. This plan needs to include compelling communication that’s also compassionate — after all, you are marketing to people who have seen their homes damaged or destroyed.

You can also anticipate certain seasons when your services are most likely to be needed. Start marketing during these times of year using awareness campaigns and positioning yourself as the provider of choice for when disaster strikes.

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