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When you run a retail store, you need all sorts of tools and equipment to ensure that you are in a position to promote your reputation and satisfy your customers’ needs. Your suite of tools and equipment should absolutely include one or several commercial air movers. Centrifugal air movers are sometimes also called “snail fans,” and they can be invaluable assets for a number of purposes.

At Aer Industries, we work each day with retail stores, commercial service professionals and other industries to make sure they have the tools and equipment needed to operate at their fullest. Read on to learn more about why you need to grab a floor drying fan (or several) for your store.

Why You Need Commercial Air Movers

Among regular store cleaning and maintenance, other things happen at a retail store that can create wet floors. A storm hits and the ceiling begins to drip. Or a toilet overflows and spills wastewater onto the floor. Or a customer wanders in and spills a soda. Yes, these things will happen — but will you be prepared?

Wet floors can reflect poorly on your store. People want to buy products and goods from quality providers, and a wet floor can undermine your reputation. You want your customers to be able to roam the aisles freely without risk of falling or wet feet, and wet floors aren’t going to make them feel comfortable in your store.

And then there’s the matter of liability. The last thing you want is for a customer or employee to slip, fall and hurt themselves in your store. The Consumer Product Safety Commission tracks 2 million in-store falls each year. These falls can be prevented by posting a caution sign, and by using the floor drying fan you can find to make sure any wet areas are dried quickly and effectively.

Air movers for retail stores can keep your customers and employees safe, and they can also prevent liability issues that can accompany an in-store fall.

Find Your Equipment at Aer Industries

When you need the floor dryer options for your retail location, choose equipment from Aer Industries. Our janitorial air mover selection includes both the Soleaire® Max Storm and Super Monsoon — two outstanding commercial air mover options.

The Max Storm offers ½ HP performance, 2550 CFM (air volume), two air flow speeds and more. It is powerful yet compact, which means you can fit it into tight spots. Choose from among three different housing colors, and take advantage of the 25-foot power cord.

The Super Monsoon delivers even more power at 1 HP. This popular option runs at three different speeds and delivers 4050 CFM. The Super Monsoon is slightly larger than the Max Storm, but it’s still compact and light enough to get into small spaces and deliver the high-powered performance you need out of an air mover for retail stores.

Choose between the Max Storm and Super Monsoon and get the floor-drying fan for your retail outlet. In addition to these highly effective models intended for janitorial use, we also have a larger selection of multi-purpose centrifugal air movers.

The Aer Industries Advantage

At Aer Industries, we specialize in connecting retail stores, commercial service professionals and others with high-quality commercial air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. We offer only products made by trusted industry manufacturers, and we offer these products as part of a large inventory that gives you options as you shop. Our product line is always changing as we add the latest technology innovations, so check back often.

When you choose Aer Industries as your source for floor drying equipment, you’re getting products that get the job done at s that deliver value. Find your janitorial air mover option when you choose Aer Industries.

See our selection of commercial air movers today, and be sure to contact us if you have questions. We’re happy to !