Water Damage Restoration: Reasons to Buy vs. Rent Your Equipment November 28, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Industrial

Any service professional eventually debates this question: Should I buy or rent my equipment? This question is prominent for restoration contractor pros who are considering water damage restoration equipment. There is no simple answer. The choice to buy vs. rent equipment really depends on your unique circumstances and your business.

Here’s a look at key considerations as you are thinking about buying vs. renting equipment:

  • The cost to buy: How much does the equipment cost? This question sounds simple, but it’s not always as straightforward as you might think. Do you have access to wholesale pricing? If you are a restoration contractor who runs a large business, you may need multiple air movers, dehumidifiers or other equipment. Needing larger quantities may give you access to lower pricing. Consider the cost and how long you anticipate being able to use the equipment in question. Will there be any resale value at the end of that time period? Crunch the numbers and develop a cost-per-month to buy the equipment, then compare that number to how much it would cost to rent the same equipment for a comparable period of time.
  • The cost to operate: One of the hidden benefits of renting equipment is that the renting agency takes care of maintenance and repair needs. Also, if the equipment completely falters well before the end of its anticipated usable life, you’re not on the hook to replace it. When it comes to operating water damage restoration equipment, you may have to buy materials such as batteries, filters and other components on a regular basis to keep your equipment working at its peak potential. These costs begin to add up over time, and they should absolutely be a part of your analysis when considering whether to buy vs. rent equipment.
  • The frequency of use: This consideration may make your decision easiest of all. How often do you need the equipment? If it is something specialized that you only need on rare occasions, consider renting rather than buying. That is, why to invest a great deal of money up front for a large piece of equipment you may only use once or twice a year. This goes for commercial dehumidifiers, commercial air movers and other water damage restoration equipment. Perhaps you own a smaller dehumidifier, but you rent a larger, more powerful option for those rare occasions when you are taking on a particularly large job. There is comfort in having your own equipment in-house, but it doesn’t always make financial sense.

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