What to Consider When Choosing a Portable Air Scrubber November 21, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Scrubbers

As a commercial fire damage restoration professional, you need dependable tools that you achieve outstanding results on behalf of your clients. You also need to make investments in equipment carefully because when you are running a business, every dollar matters.

What is the way to approach the purchase of a portable air scrubber? Before you buy one, take a look at these tips for securing the perfect air scrubber to meet your needs:

  • Portability: Your work takes you to all sorts of hard-to-reach places. You don’t want to lug a nearly immobile air scrubber into these remote areas. Make sure to consider the weight and bulk of your air scrubber options, and even test out if you can move it alone. If you run a one-person operation or take jobs where only one person is on-site, you don’t want an air scrubber that requires multiple people to move. Find portable air scrubbers to choose from that can be easily picked up at a moment’s notice and taken where you need their performance.
  • Filtration: An air scrubber’s filtration system is what gets results. Make sure you find an air scrubber that can effectively capture the desired amount of dirt and particles without greatly reducing airflow. It’s always a good idea to stick with proven brands like B-Air© and BlueDri© — manufacturers that have a track record of designing effective filtration systems that get the job done.
  • Quality and durability: Another reason to stick with proven manufacturers: They have spent years perfecting air scrubbers that are tough, durable and highly effective. Top brands think through all aspects of the user experience, from transportability down to where the electrical cord is located. Air scrubbers from leading brands will often include amenities that make your work easier, and they also include warranties that protect you in case of an early breakdown.
  • Airflow: Air scrubber airflow performance is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. You will find that the airflow will vary from one model to another, be sure that an air mover’s airflow fits your job requirements.
  • Speeds: You will find some units that offer a single speed, which is great for many users. But others offer multiple speeds, which can be ful if you need to achieve a certain amount of negative pressure, or if you simply want to lessen the noise the machine makes as it works in occupied or otherwise sensitive areas.
  • Versatility: Different air scrubber models will offer different levels of versatility. Some can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions, while others can filter particles and odors simultaneously. Again, the choice comes down to the nature of the work you do and how you’ll need to use your air scrubber. Just make sure to research these versatility options and make sure you get a unit that does what you want it to.
  • : It always comes back to the bottom line. Yes, you can find discount options, and you can find air scrubbers that have all the bells and whistles. There are options that offer value, too. Choose a model that does what you need it to do without breaking the bank. It is when you start to look at the very high and low ends of the range that you may not be getting the value you want and need.

At Aer Industries, we offer a variety of air scrubbers to ensure we always have what you need for fire damage restoration. Check out our B-Air© RA-650 air scrubber and BlueDri© Air Shield 550 as popular options that many commercial fire damage restoration pros count on each day.

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