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Fire-damage restoration is a tough job, and perhaps the toughest aspect is riding a building or structure of the smell of smoke. Lingering smoke particles can cause respiratory discomfort and health issues for residents or employees of a building long after the fire damage to the structure has been repaired. That’s why it’s important for fire-damage restoration professionals to secure an effective air scrubber that features a HEPA filter and can deodorize and clean the air in a fire-affected space.

When you invest in an air scrubber that can return a space to pre-fire condition, it’s important that you maintain that unit. Proper air scrubber maintenance means your unit will operate at its peak potential and that you’ll get the most out of your investment in the equipment. To you in your air scrubber maintenance efforts, here are five tips to get you started:

1. Replace the Filter

For the performance, your air scrubber’s filter should be replaced regularly – after each remediation job or every 800 hours of use, whichever comes first. Many units feature filter-change indicator lights that provide a friendly reminder when it’s time for a switch. Make sure the unit is completely dry before you install a new filter, and take the filter change as an opportunity to clean your entire unit in order to prevent cross-contamination. If you fail to regularly change your filter, you risk your machine running inefficiently at and overheating at worst.

2. Check for Kinks and Bends

Major motivations for preventive maintenance include making sure your unit is running at its peak potential and pushing out expensive repair and replacement costs as long as possible. A simple way to make sure your machine is running efficiently and push out those expenses is to check for kinks and bends in both your ducting and your electrical cord.

3. Check the Fan Blade

The fan blade is one of your air scrubber’s most important components, so make sure it remains in tip-top condition. If your air scrubber is experiencing a strange vibration, that’s a good indication your fan blade is either dirty or bent. In case of it’s dirty, wipe away the excessive dirt with a damp cloth. If it’s bent, it needs to be replaced to prevent further damage to the unit and to ensure top performance.

4. Check for the GFCI Function

GFCI function, or ground-fault circuit interruption, keep you safe when using appliances powered by electricity. GFCI protection is designed to shut off an appliance if it senses the electric current is flowing incorrectly, such as through a person or through the water. GFCI-protected devices should include a test mechanism. Test yours to make sure it’s working properly – and stay safe when using your air scrubber.

5. Take the Necessary Precautions

Stay even safer when maintaining your air scrubber by taking the necessary precautions. This includes unplugging the unit before performing maintenance and wearing the proper personal protective gear. Check your unit’s instruction manual and read the manufacturer’s tips on how to safely execute maintenance tasks.

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