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For over twenty years, B-Air® has been the creator of products specifically designed to meet the commercial needs of water damage restoration professionals.

B-Air®’s products are engineered and designed in California by experts with the goal of providing excellent customer service and products designed to be of the highest quality.

The engineers at B-Air® are always searching for better and more innovative ways to enhance their products so they are suited to fit the needs of the industry they serve. B-Air®’s products are made in state-of-the-art facilities, enabling B-Air® to design the very products.

B-Air® distributes its products through Aer Industries, which serves professionals who work in water damage restoration. Aer Industries is a master distributor of products offered by B-Air®, such as air movers and dehumidifiers.

Aer Industries chooses the products they distribute based upon a variety of factors, including quality and value, and picks products that have the minimum warranty of one year.

Those who purchase their water restoration equipment through Aer Industries will have access to warranty centers for parts and support on products that are sold in the U.S. With expert technicians available to answer questions about every piece of equipment purchased from their extensive inventory, Aer Industries is the clear choice for all your B-Air® equipment purchases.

Air Mover Products Offered by B-Air®

B-Air® offers a variety of high-quality air movers that will provide airflow throughout even the toughest water damage restoration project.

B-Air® carries a number of air mover models, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect piece of equipment to meet your needs.

Flex FX-1 Mini

The B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini is the perfect product for drying in small or hard to reach spaces such as closets or under counters.

The benefits of the Mini are that it can be used at either horizontal, 45 degrees or vertical angles to enable you to direct the airflow where you need it most.

Specifications of the B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini air mover include:

  • ¼-HP motor
  • 2.6A
  • One speed
  • C-ETL-US certification
  • Not stackable
  • Daisy chain capable
  • 115V
  • 60-Hz cycle
  • Max static pressure of 2.8″
  • Net weight of 11-12 lbs
  • 10.5″ x 10″ x 8.5″
  • Wheel speed of 3400 RPM
  • 12-ft., 14-AWG attached cord
  • Available in red, blue and green

Grizzly GP-1

The B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 is a commercial air mover that can provide a variety of airflow angles including vertical, horizontal or 45 degrees. It also has the advantage of having another position where you can use a kickstand, as well as three available speeds.

Specifications for this air mover include:

  • 1-HP motor
  • Amps: L 8.7A / M 9.2A / H 10.6A
  • Three speeds
  • C-ETL-US certification
  • 115V
  • 60-Hz cycle
  • Max static pressure of 3.1″
  • Net weight of 39/-3 lbs.
  • 19″x 18″x 19.5″
  • Wheel Speed (RPM) L 1300 / M 1440 / H 1720
  • 25-ft, 14-AWG attached cord
  • Kickstand height of 4.5″
  • Available in green, black and turquoise

Polar Bear PB-25

The B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 not only has adjustable feet, but it is also one of the most powerful units you can buy. And it can be used at a variety of angles including vertical, horizontal or down at 18 degrees. With its ¼ horsepower motor, it has a powerful airflow.

Yet this air mover only draws 2.8 amps at the top setting. It is lightweight and very easy to carry and can accommodate the connection for a daisy chain. The axial fan of this air mover has the highest safety marks in Canada and the United States.

The specifications for this model include:

  • ¼-HP motor
  • Amps: L 1.3A / H 2.6A
  • Two speeds
  • C-ETL-US certification
  • Stackable up to four units
  • Daisy chain capable
  • 115V
  • 60-Hz cycle
  • Net weight of 30-34 lbs.
  • 22.5”x 20”x 13”22.5”x 20”x 13”
  • Wheel speed (RPM) L 1650 / H 1750
  • 25-ft., 14-AWG attached cord
  • Available in red, blue and green

Vent VP-25

The B-Air® Vent VP-25 is the perfect air mover for those areas that are difficult to reach, such as closets or small crawl spaces. It is very lightweight, and for a small unit, it is powerful, pulling 2.1 amps on high.

With daisy chain capabilities, you can connect up to 5 machines while using only one outlet.

The Vent VP-25’s specifications include:

  • ¼-HP motor
  • Amps: L 1.7A / M 1.8A / H 2.1A
  • Three speeds
  • C-ETL-US certification
  • Stackable up to five units
  • Daisy chain capable
  • 115V
  • 60-Hz cycle
  • Max static pressure of 1.3″
  • Net weight of 11.3-12.6 lbs.
  • 12.8″ x 12.4″ x 13.3″
  • Wheel Speed (RPM) L 1060 / M 1370 / H 1600
  • 10-ft., 14-AWG attached cord
  • Available in red, blue or green

Vent VP-33

The B-Air® Vent VP-33 is an air mover that is designed for water damage restoration professionals. It pulls slightly more amps than the VP-25, with 2.9 amps on high. The VP-33 is designed so you can connect four units together while only using one household outlet.

With its ease of maneuverability, the VP-33 can provide airflow at different angles including 45 degrees, 90 degrees and horizontal. These units may even be stacked with up to four on top of one another, offering a secure and effective method to dry out areas suffering from water damage.

Specifications for this air mover include:

  • 1/3-HP motor
  • Amps: L 2.6A / H 2.9A
  • Two speeds
  • C-ETL-US certification
  • Stackable up to four units
  • Daisy chain capable
  • 115V
  • 60-Hz cycle
  • Max static pressure of 1.7″
  • Net weight of 26-29 lbs.
  • 16″x 14.5″x 15.5″
  • Wheel speed (RPM): L 1450 / H 1620
  • 25-ft., 14-AWG attached cord
  • Available in red, blue, green or pink

B-Air® also makes several types of dehumidifiers designed for industrial use, perfect for water damage restoration professionals in need of reliable, quality equipment.

Vantage LGR-3000

The B-Air® Vantage LGR-3000 is considered one of the most powerful and efficient dehumidifiers used by restoration contractors. It removes 170 pints per day at AHAM and 38 gallons per day at saturation, which makes it the top product for moisture removal in its class.

One of its many advantages is that because it uses the technology of heat pumps, it is made to defrost and can even extract water from the air in defrost mode. This makes it extremely effective.

The B-Air® Vantage LGR-3000 can perform at temperatures from 33 degrees F up to 125 degrees F. Wheels that recess inside the unit along with rubberized bottom feet make it easy to move around and store.

Specifications for this dehumidifier include:

  • C-ETL-US certification
  • Water removal (AHAM) of 170 PPD (80°F 60% RH)
  • Water removal (saturation) of 300 PPD (90°F 90% RH)
  • 12 Amps
  • 115 V
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Housing construction coated the aluminum core
  • The working temperature of 33°F to 125°F
  • Compressor type rotary
  • 40″ x 20.5″ x 24.25″
  • Net weight of 160 lbs.
  • Available in grey

Vantage VG-1500

The B-Air® Vantage VG-1500 is a compact dehumidifier that provides high-quality professional dehumidification ideal for water damage restoration projects.

Specifications for the Vantage VG-1500 include:

  • C-ETL-US certification
  • Water removal (AHAM) of 76 PPD (80°F 60% RH)
  • Water removal (saturation) of 150 PPD (90°F 90% RH)
  • 7.36 Amps
  • 115 V
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Housing construction rotomolded polyethylene
  • Working temperature: 33°F to 100°F
  • Compressor type rotary
  • Electronic touchpad
  • 22.5″ x 20″ x 32″
  • Net weight of 84 lbs.
  • Available in red, blue, green and pink

What Else Does B-Air® Offer?

In addition to air blowers and dehumidifiers for use in commercial water restoration projects, B-Air® also offers air movers for janitorial use and for blowing up inflatables such as children’s bounce houses used at parties and carnivals.

B-Air® is poised to become the leader in the industry for restoration services for water damage. And B-Air®’s endorsement and recommendations by many organizations is key to its success.

For the first time ever, B-Air® attended the 2016 North American Retail Hardware Association (NHRA) show in May 2016 to highlight its products.

The B-Air® president and several other employees attended the event to represent the company and its high-quality product line.

What Sets B-Air® Apart?

B-Air® air movers are used in commercial water restoration projects when contractors need high-quality, efficient equipment to remove water from a damaged environment. What sets B-Air® apart from other equipment manufacturers to make B-Air® the very top choice?

  • B-Air® air movers are designed to meet the consumers’ needs. B-Air® prides itself on knowing its customers’ needs and listening to customers when they describe what they want in a product. That’s why B-Air® has designed products with their customers in mind. For instance, air movers are made so they operate at various angles — many B-Air® air movers enable the operator to direct the airflow in a variety of directions to ensure the air is targeted to the areas that need it the most.
  • Additionally, B-Air® air movers are made to run with both power and efficiency in order to dry out the targeted area most effectively while using the minimal amount of amperage to get the job done.
  • B-Air® makes several air movers that can be stacked on top of one another to maximize drying efforts, such as the B-Air® Vent VP-33. Additionally, the B-Air® Vent VP-33’s can be daisy-chained together so they only use one outlet.
  • B-Air®’s more compact models such as the B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini and the B-Air® Vent VP-25 are designed for those hard-to-reach areas like closets. These compact models can direct the airflow into these areas to ensure they dry quickly and thoroughly.
  • B-Air® makes air movers designed for portability and ease of storage and set up, with built-in handles that make them easier to carry and store.
  • Most of B-Air®’s air movers are available in a variety of colors, so you can have your equipment colors align with your business brand.
  • Some of the B-Air® air movers feature daisy-chain capabilities, meaning you can connect them together and plug into a single outlet. Products that are daisy-chain capable include the B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini, the B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 and the B-Air® Vent VP-33.
  • One air mover, the B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25, has the highest safety rating in the United States and Canada for its axial fan. The B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 also has adjustable feet, making it easier to change the height from which you want the airflow.
  • One of the difficulties with dehumidifiers is they can freeze up when the temperature gets too cold. B-Air® has designed a dehumidifier that avoids that complication. The B-Air® Vantage LGR-3000’s superior technology allows it to deftly remove large amounts of water from the air, while simultaneously using the heat pump function to defrost and prevent freezing. This dehumidifier can even continue to extract water from the air while it is in defrost mode.

How Important Are Quality Air Blowers and Dehumidifiers to the Commercial Water Restoration Process?

If you are a professional engaged in the water damage restoration business, you understand the need for professional equipment that is both efficient and reliable from one project to the next. You want equipment that will enhance your recovery efforts to make your job quicker and easier, and only the equipment will make that possible.

While you are thinking about what type of air movers and dehumidifiers you want to purchase, you also know that you need to stay within your budget (Explore all industrial air movers here).

Consider the following scenario: A business has sustained significant water damage from flooding. You are called in to assist and bring your air movers and dehumidifiers to start drying things out.

You need to work quickly to avoid mold growth that is certain to occur in the drywall if the moisture is not removed from the material quickly. Additionally, if you don’t work quickly to dry out the area furniture, carpet and electronic equipment may suffer irreparable damage.

As you are replacing the drywall that has been damaged beyond repair with new drywall, you need to check to see that the remaining drywall is completely dry.

If not, there could be mold growth. If the new drywall were installed near the old drywall that was not dried out completely, the resulting mold growth would cause significant problems.

Not only would the owner of the business ask you to come back and tear down the damaged drywall and reinstall at your own expense, but the business owner would not likely select you for future projects or refer you to others who have been subject to water damage.

If you had been using the superior restoration equipment provided by B-Air®, you would not have had the problems with properly drying out the drywall.

Not only would you have been able to salvage the carpet and electronic equipment, but you would also not have needed to come back to the business and lose money by redoing the drywall at your expense. You may have even received referrals for future business from the owner you worked for.

If you are working in the business of water damage restoration, your ability to complete each and every project and to do it well, hinges on the efficiency of the equipment you use to dry out the water damaged area.

If you are able to salvage items such as carpet and other electronic items at a business that has experienced water damage, you will have satisfied the business owner who had thought they needed to replace that equipment.

And while the business owner would likely have been able to replace damaged items by filing an insurance claim, the hassle of filing the claim and having to pay the deductible is something most business owners would like to avoid if possible.

All of these are reasons you want to choose top-notch quality products for your water remediation projects. B-Air® is the company to choose.

B-Air® offers a variety of equipment to suit every project, with air movers that can be used in the smallest of spaces to air movers capable of drying large industrial areas.

B-Air®’s experience and expertise have been honed since the company was started in the 1990s. B-Air® was listed as one of the “leading companies who provide -in-class products and services to restoration professionals” as an exhibitor at the Restoration Industry Association 2015 Convention.

For more information on the B-Air® product line and to find the equipment that will meet your needs visit our B-Air® brand page or contact an Aer Industries restoration professional online or by calling 855.345.355.