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Water leaks, overflowing toilets, liquid spills, flooded basements, and broken pipes are a few of the many maintenance and clean-up issues that a commercial janitorial service handles on a daily basis. Such tasks require the use of powerful, reliable air movers, floor dryers and related janitorial equipment to ensure the affected areas are thoroughly dry, including the trapped moisture that often lurks beneath floors and behind walls.

Choosing equipment is an important decision. Off-the-shelf products sold by big-box stores may come with a lower upfront cost, but they typically do not deliver the drying power and wide range of features required for heavy-duty industrial drying jobs. They also do not offer the rugged construction that will ensure a long, productive lifespan. What initially appears to be a bargain often turns out to be a poor long-term investment.

What to Consider When Purchasing Air Drying Janitorial Equipment

If you’re currently in the market for floor dryers and cleaning equipment for your janitorial service, careful consideration of the following factors can you make an informed buying decision:

  • Capacity: Janitorial air movers (floor dryers) come in a wide variety of sizes. The machine you choose should be equipped with a motor that delivers the horsepower and CFM that is suited for the size of your typical work areas. Keep in mind that many industrial applications require the use of heavy-duty equipment for drying larger areas.
  • Maneuverability: Think about the typical commercial environments you serve on a regular basis. If you frequently work in tight quarters, you will likely need janitorial equipment with features such as wheels and handles, so you can maneuver them into the ideal position. Stackable floor dryers are available that allow you to multiply your drying power without occupying additional floor space.
  • Efficiency: Time equals money in any business, including a janitorial service. You need hard-working, efficient equipment that can dry wet areas in the shortest amount of time. Choosing brand-name janitorial equipment with a solid reputation for delivering efficient performance will you improve efficiency.
  • Frequency of use: How often do you actually use a janitorial air mover? As a general rule, frequent, heavy use will normally require an investment in high-quality equipment that is up to the challenge. This investment will save you in the long-run, as lower quality equipment from big box stores will likely need to be replaced more often.

The Relationship Between Janitorial Air Mover Type and Drying Time

Another critical factor when choosing a janitorial air mover is determining how long it will take to complete the drying process and whether or not the air mover will work in the space you need it to dry. The type of air mover will have a direct impact on the drying time. There are three basic air mover types:

  • Centrifugal: The most commonly used type, centrifugal air movers, features a fan that blows air directly onto the area. The most effective centrifugal floor dryers have two- or three-speed settings. The lower settings work for floor drying, while a higher setting is more effective when drying wet carpets.
  • Axial: Axial air movers tend to produce higher volumes of airflow, and are typically capable of producing two to three times more airflow than a centrifugal air mover produces. Industrial axial air movers are typically used for drying wet carpets, walls, and other large areas. They are also well suited for drying corners and other hard-to-reach areas due to their maneuverability.
  • Compact: Compact air movers are the perfect solution for reaching small spaces, or for use in areas where you need less conspicuous equipment due to foot traffic. Compact air movers have a powerful ¼ horsepower motor, so they still have the drying power you need while also being slightly quieter than a centrifugal air mover.

For results, most janitorial equipment experts recommend starting with centrifugal systems, while using axial and compact units to target small and hard-to-reach areas. Regardless of which drying system is used, it is important to implement the air movers while the floor or carpet is being cleaned (Find out more about industrial air movers here).

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