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Most who operate commercial greenhouses focus on temperature control, and rightly so. But humidity control is another vital factor in ing your crops survive and thrive. When high humidity is present in your greenhouse, you’re at risk of dripping water along with your walls and ceiling, as well as a variety of fungal and mildew issues. These issues can be devastating to your crops and your business if you don’t take proactive measures to prevent them.

The real challenge is that high humidity levels are a natural result of the environment inside a greenhouse — almost all commercial operators deal with high humidity levels at some point, if not regularly. Plant transpiration plus evaporation leads to a high level of vapors in the air. At 100 percent relative humidity, condensation forms on surfaces — including leaves. These wet leaf surfaces can put your plants at risk for a disease.

How to Avoid High Greenhouse Humidity

There are ways to prevent water vapor from forming. The single greatest source of airborne water vapor is standing water, so any commercial greenhouse operator can prevent vapor through disciplined irrigation practices. Avoid creating puddles on floors or in other areas, and you will avoid the formation of water vapor.

But disciplined irrigation isn’t always so simple. Overhead sprinklers are difficult to optimize for accuracy — that is, they often spray indiscriminately, which can lead to standing water. Sub-irrigation presents its own challenge in that it creates a large wet surface whose water inevitably finds its way into the air. Dripper systems are perhaps for avoiding water vapor, but they are more expensive and less convenient than other alternatives.

Scheduling watering is another factor. Because a lack of ventilation fosters water vapor accumulation, it’s important to water when there’s plenty of time to vent out the wet air. But this isn’t always feasible considering the demands of a commercial greenhouse. And even if you have the proper irrigation system and the right irrigation schedule, factors such as weather, the presence or absence of sunlight and other considerations can still lead to the accumulation of water vapor. What can you do once water vapor is already present?

The Power of an Effective Dehumidifier

Dehumidifying is the fastest, most affordable, most effective method for ridding your commercial greenhouse of water vapor. Dehumidifiers exhaust water vapor out of the air and replace it with cooler, drier air. This sounds simple in theory, but some commercial dehumidifiers are more effective than others. Make sure you’re choosing from among the greenhouse dehumidifier systems to achieve the results.

At Aer Industries, we offer a selection of the greenhouse humidifiers available from leading industry brands like B-Air® and BlueDri™. You’ll find the more basic conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers, as well as the more common low grain refrigerant (or LGR) dehumidifiers. Choose the right model for your commercial greenhouse’s unique needs. Conventional units work for small water loss and as backup systems, while LGR models are for environments that regularly experience high humidity and warmth. For the results, pair an air mover with your commercial dehumidifier. An air mover in your commercial greenhouse can mean better circulation and more efficient dehumidifying (Find out more about air movers here).

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