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Water damage is inevitable whenever there is a major weather event such as torrential rains, hurricanes or heavy flooding. Even a plumbing issue such as a burst pipe or overflowing toilet can cause extensive damage to walls and floors.

There are three classifications of job sites that professionals use to categorize the level of water damage:

  • Category 1: “Clean Water” originating from a sanitary source that does not pose a major risk.
  • Category 2: “Significant Contamination” poses a major health risk and a high chance of injury during the water damage restoration process.
  • Category 3: “Grossly Unsanitary” conditions that pose additional health risks such as severe illness and death.

Regardless of the category, a water event requires fast, efficient cleanup to minimize the resulting damage and to remove any unpleasant odors that can linger for days, weeks or longer.

This typically requires an effective water damage restoration process, along with top-quality water damage equipment.

The Importance of Using Professional Water Damage Restoration Equipment

The types of equipment used in the water damage restoration process include items such as air movers and commercial dehumidifiers.

If you are a certified water technician or other water damage restoration professional, there is a wide variety of water restoration equipment for sale from sources such as big-box stores and other mass retailers.

However, many of these products fail to live up to the quality, performance and safety standards that you will find in the heavy-duty industrial water damage repair equipment available from reputable suppliers like Aer Industries.

Taking a Closer Look at the Water Damage Repair Process

We’ll now briefly summarize the various water damage restoration steps for each flood damage restoration category and list the proper equipment to use during each step.

Each category requires the execution of basic preliminary steps, including identifying any safety hazards, locating and stopping the water source, blocking furniture to protect it from further damage and removing standing water from carpets and floors.

Water damage restoration dehumidifiers should be turned on at this point to give the units’ coils the necessary time to achieve dew point temperature. The succeeding steps for each category include:

Category 1:

  • Inspect all water-damaged areas and document moisture levels.
  • Create a drying chamber for wet areas.
  • Set up water restoration air movers at 10-15 ft. intervals, ensuring they are all blowing in the same direction.
  • Monitor on a daily basis.
  • Properly dispose of non-dryable items.
  • Reinstall dried carpeting/padding if applicable.
  • Use water damage cleanup equipment to thoroughly clean all affected areas and apply Scotchgard to carpets.

Category 2 & 3:

  • Apply an industrial grade biocide to all water-damaged areas to stop mold growth.
  • Remove and dispose of carpet pads and all non-dryable structural materials.
  • Inspect all water-damaged areas and document moisture levels.
  • Create a drying chamber for all wet areas.
  • Monitor daily and record all applicable drying information.
  • Reinstall carpeting (if applicable), as well as new carpet padding.
  • Replace all structural materials.
  • Thoroughly clean the area after drying is complete.

Aer Industries Offers the Best Water Damage Restoration Brands

As you can see, air dryers and dehumidifiers play an important role in the water damage restoration process in each category.

Aer Industries is a master distributor of B-Air®, BlueDri™, and Soleaire® products, which are the preferred brands of water damage restoration professionals everywhere.

Many of our water removal equipment products are sold in wholesale packs, offering you a convenient and cost-effective way to buy larger quantities of the industrial restoration equipment you need.

Feel free to give our product experts a call at 855.345.3555 to learn more about our complete selection of water damage equipment for sale today.