Fire Damage Restoration May 9, 2016 – Posted in: Trade Tips

A fire can be a devastating event, destroying pretty much everything in its path. Not only does the structure suffer from physical destruction, but smoke can also linger and penetrate unaffected surfaces, leaving you with a terrible scent. This same leftover smoke is harmful to your lungs. Using the right fire damage restoration equipment, you can quickly and easily clean up the area and begin your repairs.

Air Mover

Usually, an air mover is used to clean up water, but they are also ful in fire damage restoration. You can aim an axial air mover outside, ideally out a window, of the affected room to direct lingering smoke and fumes away. This aids in ventilation.


Often overlooked is the effect fire has on the humidity level. Because of the extreme temperature difference, the heat created has most likely caused moisture to form. Not only that, but any water that was used to douse the fire can still linger, raising the humidity level. In order to restore balance and return the humidity back to its optimal level (between forty and fifty percent), use a dehumidifier. This machine will suck up the excess moisture and prevent it from being released back into the damaged area. Moisture is collected in a couple of different ways. Buckets need to be emptied on occasion or else the dehumidifier will shut off. Dehumidifiers with drainage hoses require a place for the water to escape.

Air Scrubber

One of the pieces of equipment for fire damage restoration is an air scrubber. This machine is an extremely strong air filter. With its pre-filter and main HEPA filter, it takes in the surrounding air and filters out airborne contaminants, dust, ash, other debris and even carbon. Not only will this keep the carbon from getting into surfaces not affected by the fire, but it will also greatly increase the quality of the air, making it safe to breathe while repairs are being performed.

Fires can be pretty devastating. Getting your hands on the right equipment will ensure that you can quickly and effectively clean up the area, allowing you to rebuild and get back to normal.