How to Use an Air Mover April 30, 2016 – Posted in: Air Movers, Blog

Air movers are most commonly used in water damage restoration equipment. They force air at high velocities to push up lingering moisture off floors and out of carpets, preventing serious problems like mold growth or later structure damage. They can also be used for several other jobs as well, depending on how they are placed.

Axial Air Movers

These air movers are ideal for large areas. Aim the air mover in the direction of the water and turn it on. Be sure to use a commercial dehumidifier to absorb the extra moisture, otherwise, it will resettle after you turn off the air mover.

If needed, change the angle of the airflow or change the position the air mover to dry other areas. Once the room is dry, you can turn off the machine and remove it.

Axial air movers can be used for other jobs as well. For fire damage restoration, you can set it up to blow out a window, which will remove smoke and other harmful fumes.

For uncomfortable, poorly ventilated work zones, you can set up the air mover at an entranceway and face it into the workspace to create a cooling breeze.

Compact Air Movers

While axial air movers are excellent for big spaces, they can’t reach everything. When you have spaces with cabinets or closets that need drying, a compact air mover will be a great .

These small, lightweight air movers can be set up in closets or under cabinets to ensure thorough drying. They draw little energy, meaning you can set up a few to run at the same time.

Centrifugal Air Movers

These low to the ground models include carpet-drying and janitorial air movers. They are great for drying solid floors as well as several types of carpet.

They use little energy, so you can set up several around the waterlogged room to quickly dry your floors. Adjustable airflow allows you to set the angle based on your specific floor. When the floor is dry, these lightweight air movers are easily carried away.

Air movers are important tools for water damage restoration. They can also be ful for creating air circulation or removing harmful fumes, depending on how you set them up. No matter what your needs, Aer Industries has the air mover for you.

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