Dehumidifier Vs Fan March 27, 2016 – Posted in: Air Movers, Blog, Dehumidifiers

Air circulation is important to keep your home in good condition. Stagnant air, especially if it damp, can not only cause damage to your home’s structure, it can also make your living space rather uncomfortable. Commercial dehumidifiers and fans are excellent for creating air circulation, but each piece of equipment works in different ways.


Dehumidifiers are excellent for reducing the humidity levels of cool, damp spaces. The unit is placed within the room. Air is circulated as it takes in the moist air, passes it over an evaporator coil followed by a condenser coil and then releases it, dehumidified, back into the room. Since the condenser coil creates heat, warmth is released into the room as well.

Commercial dehumidifiers are often employed in equipment for water damage restoration, along with an air mover, to remove excess moisture from the affected space. They collect the water that is being removed from the air in either a collection bucket or drain the water through a hose to an outside space, keeping it from re-entering the atmosphere.


Fans do not have much of an effect on humidity levels, but they do create a lot of circulation. The blades rotate at high speeds, forcing air to move away from the machine. It can thus create a cooling effect. Units can be placed in the room or even in the window, which allows fresh air from outside of the home to be blown inside.

One type of fan is an air mover which, when used with the dehumidifier, is an effective tool for drying during water damage restoration. Air movers force air at very high velocities to push up excess water from floors and carpets into the air (read more about carpet drying here). Dehumidifiers then remove the moisture, helping to dry the area quickly and reduce the risk of future damage.

Dehumidifiers and fans are great for creating air circulation, but they work in very different ways. They remove excess moisture from the air while fans move air at high speeds with very little effect on the humidity. As long as you know your needs, you will be able to make the best selection for your situation.