Air Mover Vs Axial Fan March 24, 2016 – Posted in: Air Movers, Blog

Air movers and axial fans are fairly similar in the job they do: they move air. They can be used to perform similar jobs, like drying or cooling, however, one tends to be better for drying while the other better for cooling and ventilation.

You could use either machine for either job, but in order to perform your task effectively, evaluate what you need done and choose the machine that will best suit your needs.

Air Movers

Commercial air movers are most often used in water damage restoration equipment to dry wet areas and are available in a few different styles. Axial fans are larger, box-like machines.

They work over a broad area, making them effective at drying larger rooms. Air Movers work at very high speeds. They can be set to a few different angles, so they can be directed toward the floor, aimed at furniture or faced up some to dry higher spots on walls.

Centrifugal air movers are often smaller machines and work directly over the area it is placed. The surrounding air is brought in through the intake and forced through a snout at high velocities.

Airflow can be angled on these as well, making them effective on both solid floors and carpets of varying thickness.

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Axial Fans

Axial fans are most often used for cooling and ventilation. They are similar to axial air movers in that they tend to be larger machines whose blades force air away from it over a broad area, making them very effective at cooling spaces.

They can also be used as spot coolers, keeping hot equipment from overheating. It can also be turned away from the workspace to aid in ventilation. They are an excellent choice for areas where there is little space to work.

These fans usually cannot be set to different angles like air movers can, so they may help in a water damage restoration, but they won’t be as effective.

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Both air movers and axial fans are great for moving air at high speeds. Look at what you need the machine for and you will be able to buy an air mover and choose the best piece of equipment for you.