How to Stop Mold from Growing in Your House March 23, 2016 – Posted in: How To

It may surprise you, but your home could be a breeding ground for mold. Even everyday tasks like laundry and cooking could be contributing to any mold problems you may have. Allowing kitchen spills to drip behind your refrigerator or stove, not properly attending to a leak in the bathroom, or even leaving wet clothes on the floor of your laundry room are all ways to invite mold to grow in your house. Knowing what causes mold is the first step to preventing growth!

Improving airflow in your home is another way to prevent mold growth. On dry, breezy days it is helpful to leave your windows open to ensure proper air flow throughout your home. Make sure to shut them in wet weather, though, as windows are a prime breeding ground for mold when wet. If you can not always leave your window open, maybe it is time to buy an air mover to help circulate air throughout your home. Moving air will help keep your house cool and mold free.

Keeping air movers on hand in your home is always a good idea when it comes to tackling mold. A small unit like the Monsoon from Soleaire is the perfect carpet dryer for residential use. Its small size and high performance make it ideal for home use. Whether you’re drying a carpet, hardwood floors, or a spill under the fridge, the Monsoon can handle it.

If air moisture is your issue, getting a residential dehumidifier is a good step to preventing mold growth. BlueDri™ carries a number of residential dehumidifiers, which collect moisture out of the air in your home. These are essential tools, as air moisture is not as obvious as a spill or a leak. Getting rid of moisture is the first step to getting rid of harmful mold in your home.