Basement Flood Damage Restoration February 22, 2016 – Posted in: Trade Tips

While not uncommon, basement floods are still a pain. Finished or not, the devastation can be quite great. Not only are personal items ruined, but the possibility of suffering from structural damage is also high. Floors can be buckled, walls and insulation destroyed and the environment is primed for mold growth, which can lead to a whole host of other issues. But not all hope is lost. With the proper tools, you can restore your basement without having to spend a fortune on water damage restoration.

Clean Up Standing Water

Make sure you shut off the breakers in the basement to avoid potentially getting shocked. Assuming your problem is a burst pipe, shut off the water.   Then, clean out as much of the excess water as you can. A wet-dry vacuum may be your best bet to accomplish this task. As you are cleaning out the water, remove lighter items from the area and place them in an area where they can dry as quickly as possible to stop further damage and prevent mold growth.

Find and Fix the Problem

Locate the issue and fix it. Replace a broken pipe. If the problem was from a crack in the foundation, patch it. Sometimes, a leak can even stem from clogged gutters pushing water into the foundation, so make sure those are clear. If the insulation was ruined due to a crack in the wall, repair the crack, but wait until after the room is completely dry before replacing it.

Dry the Basement

A commercial air mover used along with a commercial dehumidifier is the quickest way to dry the area. And you will want to dry as fast as possible to prevent further damage and stop mold from growing. An air blower will push leftover water up off the floor, out of carpets and furniture and out of the walls. A centrifugal air blower will work directly over the surface of where it’s placed while an axial air blower will work over a broader range. The dehumidifier will, in turn, take in the moisture the air blower forces up. Along with the water, however, the air blower has the ability to bring up any dirt, pet dander and existing mold spores, so an air scrubber, an air filtration system, may come in handy. This machine will cleanse the air as the basement dries and you finish fixing any remaining issues.

Even if a basement is only used for storage, experiencing a flood down there can be devastating. Not only are personal items potentially ruined, but you also face the possibility of damages to the floors and foundation. But by taking the proper steps and using the correct equipment, you can restore the area quickly and with little to no expensive repairs needed.