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About B-Air

Based in the Los Angeles, CA area, B-Air has been providing innovative water and flood damage restoration equipment solutions for more than a decade. All B-Air products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities using highly advanced production processes that feature the most stringent quality control measures.

Regular B-Air dryer, blower and dehumidifier users include water damage restoration professionals, janitorial services and other industrial and commercial operations that require superior equipment at competitive prices.


The B-Air Advantage

  • Innovative design and engineering
  • Superior manufacturing in dedicated factories
  • Quality parts and components
  • Competitive pricing
  • US based warranty, parts and tech support
  • 2 year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Distribution centers across North America
  • Over 20 years experience providing quality & dependability

B-Air Brand Commercial Dehumidifiers & Air Movers

B-Air® Air Movers

Our lineup of B-Air® air mover products includes:

  • Vent VP-33: This B-Air® blower delivers a powerful airflow while using only 2.0 amps, making it a powerful yet efficient drying solution for professional-grade water damage applications. The Vent VP-33 also offers the flexibility to position it at three different angles, making it an extremely versatile air mover. The rotationally molded plastic offers excellent protection for the powerful 1/3 hp motor.
  • Flex FX-1 Mini: The Flex FX-1 Mini is specifically designed to provide fast drying in hard-to-reach areas. Weighing only 12 pounds, this B-Air® blower is easy to transport around the work area and to and from job sites as needed. The small but powerful 1/4 hp motor packs plenty of punch. You also get the benefit of three different angles to direct the airflow exactly where you need it.
  • Grizzly GP-1: Grizzly GP-1 air dryers are capable of taking on water damage restoration projects of all sizes. The choice of three different operating speeds for the brawny 1 hp motor makes it easy to customize this B-Air® blower to just about any drying task. The addition of a swing-out kickstand enhances the dryer’s placement and positioning flexibility.
  • PB-25 Axial: The PB-25 Axial is equipped with a powerful 1/4 hp motor that requires only a 2.8 amp draw, providing a remarkable combination of strength and efficiency. The built-in adjustable feet provide the versatility to position the dryer at either a horizontal or downward angle. The weight-balanced handle makes this commercial fan extremely easy to transport and maneuver.
  • VP-25 Compact: If you’re looking for a lightweight and compact air dryer, the VP-25 can meet your needs. It’s the perfect dryer for use in tight, confined areas such as closets, crawlspaces and cabinets. Despite its small size, this B-Air dryer produces 1/4 hp, while using only 2.1 amps.

B-Air® Commercial Dehumidifiers

Our B-Air® dehumidifier offerings include:

  • Vantage LGR VG-3000: This B-Air® refrigerant dehumidifier is capable of removing an astounding 170 pints of moisture from the atmosphere per day, making it one of the most effective drying devices of its kind. It also has the built-in ability to adjust to almost about any ambient temperature.
  • Vantage VG-1500: This compact yet powerful B-Air® dehumidifier removes up to 150 pints of moisture per day, making it ideal for most drying applications. The unit is also equipped with wheels and a handle for easy and convenient transportation.

Contact Us to Learn More About B-Air® Air Moves and Dehumidifiers

Call the Aer Industries water damage restoration equipment experts at 855.345.3555 for information about B-Air® dehumidifiers and air movers today!

B-Air Quality

Headquartered in Azusa, California, with a reliable network of distributors throughout the world, B-Air® takes pride in manufacturing quality equipment for the inflatable, water damage restoration as well as the pet and animal industries. Our highly skilled engineers are continually in search of innovative ways to optimize the B-Air® product line in response to innovations within all the industries we serve. B-Air®’s innovative products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities reflecting our continuing dedication to design, performance, and safety. B-Air® products are certified ETL and CE approved for use in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

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