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Air movers are an essential tool. If you’re repairing water damage or restoring flood or disaster damage, an air mover is indispensable.

Professional grade air movers offer high-velocity airflow and fast drying. They’re ideal for water restoration professionals, janitorial services and construction professions.

We carry the best brands of industrial drying equipment on the market. We carry heavy-duty air mover fans and compact, cutting edge commercial air movers.

We have some of the fastest and most efficient air movers for sale. If you’re looking to buy air movers, check out our range of quality products from the best manufacturers in the field.

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What Is an Air Mover?

An air mover is used in construction and water restoration projects. It also has a wide variety of industrial applications.

Despite its prevalence, many people don’t know how an air mover works, or how to select the best one for their project.

Air mover has a few alternative names. It’s also known as air mover fans or commercial air blowers.

As a restoration professional look for ones labeled for commercial or industrial uses for a longer lasting product.

Whatever the name, this equipment works on the same principle. They’re used to increase air circulation, which speeds up water evaporation and reduces drying time.

Compressed air is used to maximize airflow in a air mover.


Advantages of Air Movers

Air movers have many benefits. Their low power draw means that they’re safe to use in a wide variety of settings, and they’re ideal for water damage and restoration projects.

Compared to other types of fans, air movers are also high velocity, making them ideal for cooling and ventilation purposes.

Air Movers Advantages

Uses for Air Movers

With these advantages, it’s no surprise that air movers are used in so many industries.

Some of their many applications include:

  • Reducing water damage to carpets and floors
  • Drying carpets for carpet technicians
  • Flood and disaster restoration projects
  • Drying concrete and paint
  • Improving ventilation in large areas
  • Removing fumes or gases from a workspace


There are some truly creative uses for air movers, but most uses fall into a few basic categories:

  • Drying: Drying is one of the most common uses for air movers.

By rapidly increasing air circulation, air movers promote evaporation. Rapid air circulation is critical for shortening drying times.

An air mover can reduce carpet drying time to a mere 20 minutes. Industrial air movers also make it feasible to dry large areas quickly.

  • Curing Concrete and Paint: Industrial air movers are also widely used in the construction industry.

They speed up concrete setting, and cut down on how long it takes paint to cure.

Industrial air movers are an odorless, fast alternative to chemical admixtures.

Industrial air Movers are particularly useful in humid areas where concrete and paint tend to sweat as it dries.

  • Removing Fumes: Because of their high-powered blowers, air movers are often used to remove fumes or gases from an area.
  • Blowing: Air movers can also be used to ventilate large work spaces or cool engines and other equipment.

For these uses, air blowers are often used like a more traditional fan.

However, because of their horsepower, portable blower fans are able to ventilate much larger spaces and cool more quickly than other equipment.

To increase humidity, water is sometimes sprayed in front of the air mover.

Choosing the Right Air Mover

Commercial air movers have a few major differences. Choose the right one by considering motor size, amp power and type of air blower.

Motor Size and Speed

Most heavy-duty air movers have ¼ HP to 1 HP motors. Motors in this range are sufficient for almost all commercial or industrial air moving needs.

Higher HP motors provide maximum airflow, but they can be noisier than lower HP motors. If you need to keep noise to a minimum, look for a lower HP motor.

If airflow is the most critical concern, consider higher powered motors.

Amp Power

All electrical equipment has a limit to how many amps it can carry. If you plan to stack or daisy chain air movers together, you’ll need to consider amp power.

Look for lower amp units if you expect to daisy chain blower fans together regularly.

Low amp units can also be a good choice for water restoration projects where there aren’t many electrical sources available.

Types of Air Blower Units

The type of air blower affects the speed and direction of airflow and the amount of space that can be covered by the blower fans.

There are four major types of air blower units used in most air movers:

  • Axial: Axial blowers are designed to move large amounts of air across a wide space. These tend to be larger air movers that produce high airflow. Unlike centrifugal air movers, which can direct air in several directions, axial air movers only move air horizontally. They’re ideal for drying walls or top-down drying treatments on carpets. They’re sometimes used for ventilation and equipment cooling.
  • Centrifugal: This type offers a more compact air mover designed for spot treatments. Centrifugal air movers draw air from several sources and direct it to a particular spot. They are often used in restoration work to dry hard to reach areas like under cabinets and in crawl spaces and closets. Most centrifugal air movers can be adjusted to provide airflow at a few different angles. Centrifugal blowers are heavy-duty air mover fans that produce lower CFM than axial air movers.
  • Compact: Compact air movers are versatile enough to be used for both large floor areas and small spot drying. With 1/4 horsepower motors, they still have the power to quickly and effectively dry areas, while also being quieter than centrifugal air movers and taking up less space. Small and lightweight, compact air mover fans are the perfect solution for drying small, hard-to-reach spaces such as closets, corners or under counters.

Brands of Air Movers


B-Air® has been manufacturing reliable air movers, blowers and dryers for nearly two decades. B-Air’s engineers design cutting edge blower fans that use minimal power for maximum efficiency.

B-Air® air movers tend to be compact, powerful and easy to use. These high quality units are used in industrial, janitorial, real estate and agricultural industries.

If you’re looking for reliable, high-quality industrial blower fans, look for B-Air® products. B-Air® products are widely used and have received awards from a variety of industry associations.

The company is certified by Intertek, the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and the International Sanitary Supply Company (ISSA).

B-Air Flex FX-1 Mini Air Mover

B-Air® Flex FX-1 Mini

One of the best commercial air blowers for small spaces, B-Air’s Flex FX-1 Mini is a compact, extremely portable air mover that’s ideal for drying closets, under counters and drop ceiling panels.

The ¼ HP motor means a quieter blower fan that’s ideal for rental and janitorial applications.

The Flex FX-1 air mover is designed for hard to reach spaces.

Airflow can be directed at three different angles to dry inaccessible areas.

It can be used horizontally, vertically or at 45 degree angles and is available in red, blue and green.

 Polar Bear PB-25 Air Mover

B-Air® Polar Bear PB-25 Axial Air Mover

One of the most powerful air movers on the market, the Polar Bear BP-25 is an axial air mover.

Two speeds and a low power draw makes it ideal for restoration professionals and painters.

Units can be stacked up to three feet tall, or up to five units when placed on its size.

Multiple units can also be daisy chained together via their GFCI and extra-long cord.

The PB-25 blower fan has a compact, portable design.

The weight balanced handle makes this unit easy to handle and position.

Adjustable feet mean that it can be used horizontally or adjusted down up to 18 degrees, providing a more concentrated downward airflow for faster drying.

It’s available in red, blue and green.

 B-Air Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover

B-Air® Grizzly GP-1 Air Mover

The Grizzly GP-1 air mover is a powerful, versatile air mover designed to take on the toughest jobs.

With three speeds and four different angles, the Grizzly is one of the most flexible air movers on the market.

Along with vertical and horizontal positions, the Grizzly has a 45 degree angle airflow option and a swing-out kickstand for alternative positions.

The Grizzly has a 1HP motor, a high rate of airflow and a low power draw, which makes for efficient drying whenever you need it.

This is an ideal choice for the restoration industry, as well as for any contractor looking for maximum airflow.

Roto-Molded polyethylene casing is designed for high-impact use, making it ideal for rugged industrial jobs as well.

This air mover fan is one of the most durable on the market and is available in green, turquoise and black.

 B-Air VP 25 Blue Air Mover Specifications

B-Air® VP-25 Compact Air Mover

A new addition to B-Air’s Vent line of compact air movers, the VP-25 is smaller and more portable than the larger Vent models, the VP-33 and VP-50.

B-Air’s reliable and high powered Vent line is a go-to for contractors and construction professionals.

The compact size makes it ideal for crawl spaces, closets, cabinets and other cramped spaces.

Like B-Air’s larger Vent models, the VP-25 has three speeds for more controlled airflow.

The VP-25 Compact air mover is designed for maximum portability, making small jobs fast and efficient.

Up to 5 units can be daisy chained together with just a single outlet, making it easy to dry a large area quickly.

It’s available in red, blue and green.

 B-Air Vent VP-33 Air Mover

B-Air® Vent VP-33 Air Mover

The B-Air® Vent VP-33 is the next step up in the Vent line of compact and powerful air movers. It’s designed with restoration professionals in mind.

The VP-33 air mover can move large amounts of air, which makes it ideal for bigger jobs where more power is needed.

Innovative design makes it possible to direct airflow at three angles: horizontally, vertically and 45-degree angles

B-Air’s VP-33 is designed for maximum portability. Its net weight is only 26 pounds (gross 29 pounds).

At 16-inches long, it’s less than half the size of most air blowers in its class.

Up to four units can be daisy chained together, and interlocking contact points allow multiple units to be stacked to increase airflow.

Its available in red, blue and green.


BlueDri BD One-29 Air Mover


BlueDri™ is one of the top manufacturers of water restoration equipment.

Along with industrial air mover fans, it designs commercial dehumidifiers and dryers.

BlueDri™ equipment combines cutting edge technology with high performance, stellar quality and reliability.

BlueDri™ Air Movers provide high velocity airflow, which is ideal for repairing serious water damage.

BlueDri™ One-29 Air Mover

BlueDri’s One-29 Air Mover is a portable, compact industrial air mover.

Three different speeds and a low amp draw of 2.9 amps on the highest setting, making this a good choice for almost any drying or water removal job.

The One-29 Air Mover has a tough polyethylene casing in a snail-shell design.

Up to three units can be stacked together for greater airflow or for compact storage.

Four units can be daisy-chained together via the onboard GFCI circuit.

It’s available in red, blue and green.

BlueDri Jetster Air MoverBlueDri™ Jetster Air Mover

Bluedri’s Jetster provides high-performance drying power in a compact design.

The Jetster measures 18 inches high and weighs in at 26 pounds, so it’s easy to move around a job site.

It has three different speeds and can be positioned horizontally, vertically and at a 45-degree angle for maximum airflow.

At the highest speed, the Jetster draws 2.9 amps of power, meaning that up to 4 units can be daisy chained together.

Up to three units can also be stacked on top of one another.

A 25-foot power cord makes it easy to position multiple units around a large site on a single outlet.

Soleaire Max Storm Air Mover


Soleaire® manufactures some of the most powerful industrial air movers on the market.

They specialize in compact, portable designs combined with high velocity airflow.

The Storm line of air movers (Max Storm, Monsoon and Super Monsoon) are designed with janitorial services and carpet drying in mind.

Soleaire® Max Storm Air Mover

Soleaire’s Max Storm air mover is the smallest of the Storm line of air movers.

At 25 pounds, this is a compact, lightweight air mover that’s perfect for janitorial businesses or carpet cleaners.

The Max Storm air mover is one of the more flexible air movers on the market today.

This floor drying fan can be positioned in one of six different angles, making it easy to dry hard-to-reach spots.

There are two speeds for maximum drying efficiency. It also has low amp power, powerful centrifugal airflow and the ability to daisy chain units together.

It’s available in blue, orange and purple.

Soleaire Monsoon Air Mover

Soleaire® Monsoon Air Mover

The Soleaire® Monsoon is a high velocity air mover in a small package.

Weighing in at 25 pounds, the Monsoon moves an impressive amount of air with a 1 HP motor.

This is high performance equipment that’s ideal for disaster restoration businesses or water removal companies.

This compact air mover has three speeds. Even at its lowest speed, the Monsoon dries carpets and floors in record time.

A durable roto-molded polyethylene casing protects the internal fan, making it a good fit for construction sites.

Multiple units can be stacked together for increased airflow.

 Soleaire Super Monsoon Air Mover

Soleaire® Super Monsoon Air Mover

The Super Monsoon air mover is the largest and most powerful of Soleaire’s line of Storm air movers.

A 1 HP motor with powerful airflow and low amperage, which makes it suitable for the most difficult water removal jobs, ventilation jobs and carpet and floor drying.

It can be positioned horizontally, vertically or at a 45-degree angle.

The Super Monsoon has three different airflow speeds, so you can pick the one that suits your job.

Like the smaller Storm models, the Super Monsoon has a durable roto-molded polyethylene casing.

Soleaire’s Super Monsoon has a snail-shell design with centrifugal fans that make drying small areas easy.

The tough outer shell also makes this a good choice for drying jobs on construction sites.

Molded joints mean that you can stack multiple units together.

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