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75-99 PPD AHAM Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers do heavy lifting in water damage restoration work. That is, dehumidifiers do heavy lifting when you have quality dehumidifiers. At Aer Industries, we offer nothing but restoration equipment of the highest quality — conventional dehumidifiers and other tools that help you return outstanding results for your clients.

In our selection, you will find 75-99 PPD AHAM dehumidifiers, conventional dehumidifiers, LGR dehumidifiers and much more. As you search, you may wonder what many of these terms mean. Here is a rundown of what to look for and consider as you seek out the right commercial dehumidifiers for your business.


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Commercial Dehumidifiers That Get the Job Done

At Aer Industries, we place an emphasis on quality in everything we do. This means offering quality commercial dehumidifiers from leading industry brands — equipment that’s proven to perform and deliver long-term value to water damage restoration professionals like yourself.

By offering equipment made by leading industry names like B-Air® and BlueDri™, we ensure you get commercial dehumidifiers and other commercial equipment that performs each day, working just as hard as you do.

Takes a Beating and Keeps on Ticking

Our industrial-grade conventional dehumidifiers are designed for the perfect balance of transportability and toughness. When you are doing property restoration work in rugged commercial and industrial environments, you need equipment that can withstand the bumps and bruises that occur in such spaces.

When browsing through our selection, know that each commercial dehumidifier you see is tough enough to withstand the beating it takes in a commercial space while performing day after day, and even overnight if needed.

LGR vs. Conventional Dehumidifiers

You will find two different types of dehumidifiers: LGR and conventional. LGR simply stands for low-grain refrigerants. These LGR dehumidifiers are the most common type, and they are designed for use in flood-like situations where there is a high level of moisture that needs to be removed from the space. You will find that LGR dehumidifiers are the most efficient type of dehumidifier, and each includes a pre-cooling device that employs cooler air for the dehumidifying process.

Conventional dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air by using condensation on chilled coils. Which is best for you? Only you can answer that question. Take a look at your options and choose the best type of dehumidifier for your work.

AHAM vs. Saturation Measurement

When considering commercial dehumidifiers, you will find two different types of performance metrics. Some models use AHAM measurement, while others use saturation measurement. The difference is the conditions under which the commercial dehumidifiers are tested.

Models that measure in AHAM are tested in average conditions, which are 60 percent humidity and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you a realistic idea of how much moisture a certain model can remove in a day under standard conditions.

Saturation measurements are taken at 90 percent humidity and 90 degrees, which gives you an idea of the maximum amount of moisture a model can remove in a day. Saturation measurements are more useful for determining equipment performance in situations where there are high levels of moisture.

Understanding these metrics can help you choose the right piece of equipment for the type of restoration work you do.

Get the Best with Aer Industries

At Aer Industries, we’re committed to meeting your unique needs as a water damage restoration professional. That means offering a huge selection of conventional dehumidifiers, LGR dehumidifiers and other products that are proven to deliver the results, return on investment and long-term value that service professionals demand.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, get in touch with our customer service team. We are always here to help you find the perfect unit to meet your needs. Contact us online, or call us today at 855.345.3555.