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100+ PPD AHAM Dehumidifiers

There is nothing worse than taking on a job only to find you do not have the equipment to get the results you want. As a water damage restoration professional, you need tough, effective, dependable equipment to help customers restore their facilities after flooding and other accidents. This type of work requires industrial dehumidifiers that are proven to remove moisture from the air on job after job without faltering.

At Aer Industries, we offer a wide selection of 100 PPD AHAM and 75-99 PPD AHAM dehumidifiers for property restoration. Review our inventory and read our recommednations for what to look for and what to consider when you’re searching for commercial dehumidifiers for your business below the products.


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Quality Above All Else

As we curate our selection of conventional dehumidifiers and LGR dehumidifiers, we focus on one characteristic above all else — quality. We choose to carry only commercial dehumidifiers of the highest quality, because that is the best way to ensure you get the long-term value, performance and durability you need out of an investment in your business.

Our selection includes commercial dehumidifiers from leading industry brands like B-Air® and BlueDri™ — manufacturers with track records of success in serving commercial water damage restoration professionals like yourself. When you demand quality, choose Aer Industries for your commercial dehumidifiers.

Performance in Tough Spaces

Restoration work often takes place in rugged commercial and industrial environments. When you are working in these rough-and-tumble spaces, you need tough equipment that can take a beating and still provide results. At Aer Industries, our selection of commercial dehumidifiers includes models that have been proven to take a beating and keep performing in rugged commercial and industrial spaces of all kinds.

Not only are these commercial dehumidifiers tough, but they’re also lightweight. This means you can easily move or carry them up stairs, into tight spaces and wherever else you need the power of commercial dehumidifiers.

What is the Difference Between LGR and Conventional Dehumidifiers?

When searching through our selection, you’ll find two different types of dehumidifier. LGR dehumidifiers are low-grain refrigerants that use a pre-cooling device to deploy chilled air during the dehumidifying process. LGR dehumidifiers are the most popular and most efficient commercial dehumidifiers on the market, and they are often used in flood-like situations.

Conventional dehumidifiers, on the other hand, use chilled coils to capture condensation and remove moisture from the air. Only you know your work and what type of dehumidifier will best meet your needs.

What is the Difference Between AHAM and Saturation Measurement?

Take a close look at how your commercial dehumidifier options measure their performance. Some use AHAM measurement, which means the model was tested at average conditions of 60 percent humidity and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When you look at an AHAM measurement, you get a realistic picture of what the dehumidifier can do.

Models rated on saturation are tested at 90 percent humidity and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. These conditions are rarely encountered in the real world, so this measurement gives you an idea of the maximum performance a dehumidifier can offer.

The difference between the two measurements may be small, but it is important for you to understand that measurements at saturation indicate capabilities in more extreme conditions. Understanding these measurements can help you make sure you get the equipment that meets your needs.

Aer Industries: Your Source for Water Damage Restoration Equipment

At Aer Industries, we are focused on one thing: equipping you with the high-quality water damage restoration equipment you need to get your work done. You will find a huge selection of commercial dehumidifiers and other products from leading brands, each available at the best possible price. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us directly for expert guidance as you seek out the commercial dehumidifiers that best meet your needs.