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1/3 HP Air Mover

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1/3 HP Air Movers

Professionals often find themselves working in tough environments where durable and effective tools and equipment are needed to produce the desired results. When you work in water damage restoration, janitorial services and similar industries, a 1/3 horsepower air mover can be a key addition to your collection of existing equipment.

A 1/3 HP air mover is typically powerful enough to deliver the needed results while remaining small and lightweight to the degree that it’s easy to store, transport and maneuver into place when it’s time to go to work. At Aer Industries, we offer a wide range of  air movers, including many 1/3 HP air movers.

Who Uses 1/3 HP Air Movers?

A 1/3 HP air mover is often used in water damage restoration work. These 1/3 horsepower floor dryers are powerful enough to move large amounts of air, but compact enough to be easily transported and positioned in tight spaces. These professionals need durable equipment that can run for days at a time because that’s what it takes to start remediating the effects of water damage.

Many janitorial services companies and teams also need 1/3 HP carpet dryer and floor dryer options. At schools, businesses, office buildings, and in other spaces, a wet floor can pose a threat to customers, employees and visitors. Having a versatile 1/3 HP air mover on hand is an ideal solution. These air movers can be deployed in a number of different ways.

1/3 HP Air Movers from Aer Industries

At Aer Industries, we serve professionals with a wide range of drying equipment, including a wide selection of 1/3 horsepower air mover options. Here’s a look at different models and what’s available to you:

Trust Aer Industries When You Need 1/3 Horsepower Air Movers

Quality is a constant throughout our selection of 1/3 HP carpet dryer options and similar drying equipment at Aer Industries. What you see on this page and throughout our website are tools and equipment you can depend on to perform in the harshest of environments, helping to create the results you need. Each of our compact air mover options is also safety certified, which provides an added peace of mind as you take these tools out into the field. At Aer Industries, we are restoration and floor drying equipment experts who are here to serve you. If you need support or have questions as you look through our selection, reach out to us anytime.

Browse through our selection of 1/3 HP air mover options, and find your best fit today.


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